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Last debate on tobacco plain packaging legislation before President signs it into law

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05-03-03 Plain Packaging

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Report and Final Stages]

The Minister deserves great credit for taking this cause on board. 1,264 more words


Plain packs - the facts versus the myths

Plain, standardised tobacco packaging removes a major positive influence on smoking – the ability of tobacco companies to promote the glitzy brand image they want to use hook new smokers and hold on to current smokers. 1,152 more words

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How the Tobacco Industry Bullies Governments to Boost Profits and Harm Public Health

Tobacco use is a global epidemic. Every six seconds, tobacco use claims another life.

And it costs us. The impact to global GDP (gross domestic product), or economic growth, from smoking… 227 more words

Last Week Tonight Destroys Tobacco Companies

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver goes after the tobacco industry, and it was about time!  John Oliver goes after the advertising the tobacco industry does, how the industry sells to young kids around the world, and how the industry bullies other countries to sell their harmful products to their citizens.   67 more words

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Getting ready for tobacco display ban in small shops

They call it “going dark” – an appropriately sinister-sounding term for anything connected to the sale of an addictive, killer product such as tobacco.

But the industry term actually refers to something that the health promotion community sees as a bright prospect – putting glitzy displays of cigarettes out of sight. 793 more words

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Type A personality: a construct of the tobacco industry

The Secret History Behind The Science Of Stress
July 07, 2014

both Selye’s work and much of the work around Type A, were profoundly influenced by cigarette manufacturers who were interested in promoting the concept of stress because it allowed them to muddy the waters by arguing that it was stress and not cigarettes that was to blame for heart disease and cancer. 135 more words

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Gulf War Syndrome – The Smoking Gun?

If you can’t diagnose, you can’t treat. And if you don’t know where to look, and what to look for, you can’t diagnose. That is currently the case with Gulf War Syndrome. 7,554 more words