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The Code Trading Problem

After discussing the low security standards of the Codentify system when it comes to preventing counterfeiters to get away with copying Codentify codes, today I’ll explain a field where this technology has almost no security standards at all – preventing fraud by tobacco industry’s employees. 562 more words


International Labour Rights Forum Campaign

Reynolds American – which owns cigarette brands including Camel, American Spirit and Pall Mall – is one of the largest purchasers of tobacco from North Carolina. 77 more words

The Counterfeiting Problem

Here goes my second post.
I’m going to elaborate on Codentify’s methods of counterfeit avoidance, or the lack there of.

Before I get started it is important for me to note that I have received encouragements by leading anti-tobacco activists after my first post. 680 more words


Codentify Overview and the Problem of Self Regulation

Hey folks!
Before we start talking about how Codentify system works, I would like to address how it should work and what it’s supposed to do. 605 more words


R.J. Reynolds Markets New “Smokeless” Cigarettes


R. J. Reynolds, the second-largest tobacco company in the United States, began test-marketing a new type of smokeless cigarette in Wisconsin. Revo is a rebranding of Eclipse, which was originally test-marketed from 1994 to 2005. 231 more words

Tobacco Industry

Intimidatory Behaviour of the Tobacco Industry

A few weeks ago I asked a question of the Leader which he was unfortunately unable to answer because he developed a very dry throat. He had a coughing attack and was not able to give his usual very full and comprehensive answer to questions. 151 more words


New Smokeless Tobacco Products Use Bulk Packaging to Avoid Taxes


Moist smokeless tobacco brands such as Longhorn and Kayak have a new packaging scheme to avoid Minnesota’s minimum moist smokeless tobacco (MST) tax. 135 more words

Tobacco Industry