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Toast - Parking Inspector Paranoia

It was a lovely morning to be out and about and not be stuckĀ inside the house all day, so my friends and I decided to head out for a late brunch/lunch. 532 more words

Perth Eats

Two Sacred Rules of Aussie Culture

This’ll be about Vegemite. A salty yeast extract which is put on toast for great great flavours.

Also, I’m tired of foreign people, especially certain Americans, denouncing and castigating Vegemite for being ‘gross’ and ‘disgusting’. 182 more words

Cream Cheese, Avocado and Hot Sauce on Toast

Going back to work is always a struggle, but most especially when you have sunglasses tan lines and all of your clothes are tight after a weekend of overindulgence. 91 more words


Nearly Vegan Pancakes, Pie, and more.

In the past few days, I have started to avoid eating the foods that my family makes that include animal products. I think they finally got tired of me not eating what they made (either it hurt their feelings or they felt bad for not accommodating me), but they finally started to use some dairy free products. 409 more words


Corner Shop Poached Eggs on Toast (and Holy Fuck Hot Sauce with Bacon)

If you’ve been reading this the past few days, it will hardly be surprising that we were also delayed on our trip home from Alderney. Time was getting on by the time we made it to our flat this morning, so I had to nip out to our local corner shop to get something I could turn into breakfast. 65 more words


16/05 Bratwurstschnecke ("sausage snail") for lunch

Wurst again- but this time in a different shape, surrounded by toast, tomatoe salad, coleslaw-carrot-salad, kohlrabei, ketchup, mustard, chilli sauce. Works well in this combination.