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What I’ve learned, I think, about helping kids (and others) in pain, in seven steps

A friend’s teenager recently became the victim of ridicule and taunting. Not a little sarcasm or practical jokes. Brutal, denigrating comments that spread like a virus through his school. 615 more words

To Think About

The Flow

If something or someone goes out of your life, always give thanks, the Universe is giving you space for something better.
Let it flow. Go with the flow, and soon enough you’ll find yourself in a much better place.

To Think About

Quetion of the morning ❓❓

What are you most grateful for?


Remembering Mrs. Binkleman: the lasting, glorious, indelible impact of a great teacher

Suffering the blues lately, I was wishing either I was luckier or more talented in my writing or willing to work harder. Typical “feel sorry for yourself” fugue state. 599 more words

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One step too far

Dido & Faithless By Buena Vista Social Club – One step too far

Rythms Del Mundo

The persistence and perversity of synchronicity: how two apparently unrelated books enhance one another and enlighten the reader

Wow! I think my reading’s affected my vocabulary. But since that’s one of the fun things resulting from challenging books, I won’t complain. I’ll just define the words below. 447 more words

To Think About

Earthing in the Rain [Video]

I call it connecting, unplugging, or grounding depending on the reason I do it. A new fashionable name for it is Earthing – with a not so scientific backing… but the practice is useful for wellness and health and coming down after craftwork. 7 more words