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Research Your Past Life Part 2: Image Recall

This technique is less about remembering and more about accessing. When studying for exams, or trying to remember the name of that lady you met the other day – people can, and often do, spontaneously engage in image recall. 601 more words


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Hello Fellow Homeowners,

20/20 had a real estate special Feb 13th, 2015.

It wasn’t Until I saw this 20/20 episode that I realized that maybe someone did something with my mail, which I did make a complaint to three different postal offices back in February 2014 . 120 more words

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Discovering the memshaib* in me: my ah-ha moment and its impact on my behavior

A recent tussle with a cell phone provider revealed an unexpected emotional response in me. A series of contacts to try to resolve some problems, all with non-native-English-speaking customer service personnel (aka NNES) pushed my patience to its limits. 297 more words

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Talking About Low Down Payment, Yea!

It’s about time they found use for unused land. Let us just hope that you have to be an American to bid on the land. 101 more words

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Are People Getting Dumber and Ruder Than They Used to Be, or Have We Always Been This Way?

At the local Y, changes have occurred over the years I’ve been a member. Now when I visit the weight room, people have left 50-pound moveable plates locked on the ends of the bars, usually perching the contraptions on racks far above my head. 406 more words

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We Can’t Escape the Past, We Can Only Suppress It or Hide From It, but Should We?

When I look at one particular photo from my childhood, it captures my family perfectly: Disneyland, 1950s, planted on the edge of a circular planter. With one hand, my mother grips the stroller containing the current baby (there always was a new one), staring off to the right. 431 more words

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Coming out of the Broom Closet

The following paragraphs were written by my teenage daughter.  She may not have had to “come out” to her parents but she has to chose who of her friends to “come out” to.  293 more words

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