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Earthing in the Rain [Video]

I call it connecting, unplugging, or grounding depending on the reason I do it. A new fashionable name for it is Earthing – with a not so scientific backing… but the practice is useful for wellness and health and coming down after craftwork. 7 more words


Facing the big things we fear: When we experience them, they just may lose their power over us, and we can conquer our fears

As a child I feared dogs. They had large sharp teeth, made loud noises, moved aggressively, and often stuck their noses in my crotch. To this day I avoid them. 510 more words

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“Find Me”: a “what if” we don’t want to answer in an examination of reality, emotions, and life through a novel

“Find Me,” a new novel by Laura van den Berg, is presented in a deceptively simple, straightforward style. Written in present tense by its protagonist, a young woman named Joy, often relying on facts and lists, she first exposes her attitude about her involuntary quarantine in a hospital, following an epidemic, which first robs people of their memories, then their lives. 534 more words

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Would we be more honest with one another if we walked around naked or just look weird with our makeup and hair styles and body sculpting?

Where would Donald Trump be without his side-swept hairstyle? Would he still project that indefinable air of power, wealth and ruthlessness? What if we glimpsed sight of him without his expensive business suit? 456 more words

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We Need Rent Contro!

Clipped From Article: Silicon Valley single mom lives in one-car garage for $1,000 a month

By Jennifer Karmon 15 hours ago

Silicon Valley and the Bay Area have been experiencing a… 23 more words

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Research Your Past Life Part 3: Free Writing

In previous Past Life Research posts, I pointed out that the subconscious is a wellspring of hidden information. One way to tap into that spring is through free writing. 387 more words

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Research Your Past Life Part 2: Image Recall

This technique is less about remembering and more about accessing. When studying for exams, or trying to remember the name of that lady you met the other day – people can, and often do, spontaneously engage in image recall. 601 more words