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It's Time

Some people said hope is the last thing you should do,
Since (most of the time) it works against you.

Yet this time,
I love how hope has brought me here.

Guangzhou, Summer June 2015


Losing sleep

I can’t stand the rustle of paper. The crinkle of a plastic bottle in your hands upon suction, that resonant gulp. Shuffling, the repeated shutting of the door and the intermittent illumination of the left side of the room. 218 more words

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Intro to Non-Renewables

Full disclosure: I haven’t been to Belgrade and Zagreb for sightseeing, although I did enjoy that as well. The real reason was a seminar/conference on energetic and financial challenges to European Integration in the Balkans, and I got to listen to a lot of interesting people talking about energy in an area that is crucial today. 3,386 more words


A look back at flyers: Tartuffe


Group trip, non-English speakers loved show but found the Scots dialect challenging!

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I will a will

I’ve successfully read pages of books assigned that I don’t remember much about. Functionalism, mental computations, materialism and shit. So many things, so little time. Or maybe I’m just lazy and the task of understanding requires more effort than I am willing to expend. 334 more words

To Remember

10 Things to Always Remember

If you’re like me you like to complicate things – a lot! Overthinking, worrying, second guessing, I could go on, so I have put together a list of 10 things to remember that will make life easier and may help it run a lot smoother too. 672 more words

CC Hearts


Swing dancing is so interesting. A conversation with a partner. The lead speaks through the subtleties of movement, a gentle release or a push, prompting a step to the left, a pivot, a twirl. 161 more words

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