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Intro to Non-Renewables

Full disclosure: I haven’t been to Belgrade and Zagreb for sightseeing, although I did enjoy that as well. The real reason was a seminar/conference on energetic and financial challenges to European Integration in the Balkans, and I got to listen to a lot of interesting people talking about energy in an area that is crucial today. 3,386 more words


A look back at flyers: Tartuffe


Group trip, non-English speakers loved show but found the Scots dialect challenging!

To Remember

I will a will

I’ve successfully read pages of books assigned that I don’t remember much about. Functionalism, mental computations, materialism and shit. So many things, so little time. Or maybe I’m just lazy and the task of understanding requires more effort than I am willing to expend. 334 more words

To Remember

10 Things to Always Remember

If you’re like me you like to complicate things – a lot! Overthinking, worrying, second guessing, I could go on, so I have put together a list of 10 things to remember that will make life easier and may help it run a lot smoother too. 672 more words

CC Hearts


Swing dancing is so interesting. A conversation with a partner. The lead speaks through the subtleties of movement, a gentle release or a push, prompting a step to the left, a pivot, a twirl. 161 more words

To Remember

keep going.

It’s alright, kid.

It’s alright to be confused, to feel like you don’t have a place in this world because everything seems so weird to you. 455 more words

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