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Taylor Swift, EW!

Say what you want about Taylor Swift…THIS is sooo funny! She join Jimmy Fallon for his “Ew!” bit. My favorite is when you can see them trying to hold it together even though they want to laugh their faces off. 9 more words


Jake Owen Kicks Out Guy at His Show After Fight!

Last week Jake Owen was in Fort Wayne and apparently there was a fight between 2 girls and at some point during the fight a guy got involved and hit one of the girls in the face. 68 more words


TJ's Trash: Viral Videos Of The Week!

Here are some videos that went viral this week.


A#2 Where are this kid’s parents?!

Where do people come up with this stuff? Ha… 31 more words


Hilarious Flight Attendant

She’s trying to get the attention of Ellen and Fallon and her safety speech on a Southwest flight is HILARIOUS.

Not to mention she makes A LOT of good points! HA!


TJ's Trash: Ellen's Prank Using Country Lyrics

I love this bit Ellen does on her show. She sends her writer, Amy out to public places and she can only talk to strangers using lyrics to songs. 31 more words


TJ's Trash: Luke Bryan on Ellen!

I think what I found the most interesting during this interview is that Luke says his 2 Spring Break shows are the only 2 shows a year he drinks on stage.  32 more words


TJ's Trash: Luke Crashes The Big Game!

GoodNESS these are hilarious!   Another Luke Bryan video! This time he crashes the “Big Game”  You can still vote for Entertainer of the Year!

I seriously can NOT wait for the show on Sunday!  9 more words