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DT 330

Boxer Joe‘s old gold coin (5) = LOUIS

Double definition.

Short film associated with a fairy queen (7) = TITANIA

short = deletion, film = TITANIC, a = A… 40 more words

DT Cryptic

Titania's speech - Act 2 Scene 1

I originally performed this monologue in a Northern accent for my audition. My Director had asked to try the accent for the audition as he originally had this in mind for Titania. 263 more words

Directed Performance

Then there was this - May 6, 2013

The flight from Toronto to Athens was nearly 10 hours but it actually wasn`t that bad. Once we got to Athens it was a 40 minute bus ride to our hotel (Titania) and little did we know it was Easter so nothing was open. 70 more words


Effects of the magical flower

Titania is a powerful, head strong, sensible, sassy and a witty woman. However, Oberon’s revenge is Titania’s downfall. Once under the love spell Oberon set on her through the magical juice of a purple flower, Titania forgets herself and her morals. 223 more words

Directed Performance

Costume for Titania & Hippolyta

It was difficult finding a dress that suited the style and that would fit me. We visited High Street stores but we couldn’t find a suitable dress for the 50’s style. 248 more words

Directed Performance

January 12, 2015: Bottom in Love

I had met Nick Bas about a year ago, maybe a bit longer.
There wasn’t anything remarkable about him. Typical. Average.

He called me in an emotional frenzy last night, begging me to come over. 607 more words

Strange News

Titania and Oberon

January 11, 1787: William Herschel looks into the night sky – again. Herschel was a German born British astronomer and composer. He was born in Hanover in 1738 and moved to England at the age of nineteen. 602 more words