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She loved an ass
He wasn’t the brightest man
But her first husband
Stole everything she had
So Titania settled
On a moron over a bully… 99 more words



Titania’s tortured terrain is a mix of valleys and craters. Voyager 2 passed this moon of Uranus in 1986 and took this photograph. The long valleys indicate that Titania underwent some unknown tumultuous resurfacing event in its distant past. 27 more words


Midsummer's Eve

Looking for some words to celebrate midsummer, I found this lovely extract which casts a magic spell…

“Out of this wood do not desire to go:

70 more words
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Project Oberon

Dirt Bike Promenade is dead. I’ve made my peace with it. Dirt bikes and me are not friends. They’re fun to vector, not fun to draw! 666 more words


Asuna Yuuki (Titania Fairy Queen Version) Cosplay

This Cosplay is one that I have been wanting to do for a very long time, about roughly 2 years ago when this character was first unveiled in the Sword Art Online anime series. 208 more words


A Midsummer Night's Dream - King's College London KSC

In the Winter Semester, the King’s Shakespeare Company put on one of the Bard’s most iconic tragedy’s King Lear; so it only seems natural that their Spring Semester would bring us one of the top Shakespearean comedy’s as well. 546 more words


Sketchbook Corner: End-of-College Edition

When I was ten, I decided that I would teach myself to draw.  Eleven years later, I’m still pushing myself to get better with my pencils.   366 more words