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Swim Harder and Faster than the Pool Sharks!

Today was my first blood test results since I started swimming, my numbers have really gone down, enough to make the doctor support my natural way of getting better. 355 more words

One of a kind - A Short Story

Belinda began the maths homework. It wasn’t hers; it belonged to her sister Kristi. This wasn’t new, everyday Kristi would get a heap of homework and gave it to her younger sister to complete, for as it seems clear – Belinda was good in studies. 366 more words


27 Club (Helium Balloons)

As the helium balloons

get older

they bend

and lumber

down into the armchair

They have lived

exciting lives

have had their pictures taken… 49 more words


Tired love

All this love is exhausting. It never stops. Never slows down between breaths or rests in my sleep. It makes my heart and lungs ache because it’s suffocating really. 274 more words



God, I’m Tired.
It’s an ironic feeling to be young and Tired.
To know that Time does not affect you as it does others.

To be conscious of this fact is paradoxically even more surreal. 83 more words


Dog Tired

Last Saturday (the 16th), Tussah had a big day. She got her booster shot for the Lyme disease vaccine in the morning, and then we went to the bank and headed up to the Quad Cities.   389 more words


Round and round we go

I feel like my life is a merry-go-round.  I go around this circle of thinking things will begin to slow down, to get less hectic.  And maybe in some distant, unseen future they will, but for now each almost-lull develops into a new onslaught of activity.  176 more words