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Corporate life

Worked until
You look like
The walking dead
And think with
The intelligence
Of a babbling
All to make
A few zeros
On some fat… 7 more words




i’m not dying like my parents (and everyone else) thought i was. i just have really bad allergies provoking my cough, which prevents me from sleeping, which maeks me tired, which makes me seem really sick when i’m really not. 308 more words


Oh I do love a good snooze!

I sleep most of the day so I can be full of energy and hyperactive for when my owners get home! 37 more words


Prayer For April 1st

Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Lord,

Sometimes it’s just hard to get through the day… there are so many responsibilities and it can be hard to have the energy or resources to complete what needs to get done. 506 more words


Burn Fat Now!

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A Is For...AWAKE!

Awake is what I want to be. After writing my blog last night, Bedtime, I was able to go pretty much go right to sleep. 332 more words