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It's been a long day

I’ve seen what’s to come—
it is the days,
the steady pounding of days,
like gentle rain,
that will be our undoing.

— John Philip Johnson, from “There Have Come Soft Rains,”  23 more words


My Turn To Vent

I’m having a rough evening, after trying to correct some children for some poor choices several stormed of angry….

So here I sit in tears again… Which children are disturbed by it? 175 more words

I hate it

I hate today.

I haven’t slept.

I’ve gotten nothing done.

I’ve forgotten a bag at Hobby Lobby, dropped a pizza, given up on reading for school because I couldn’t concentrate, stared blankly in the grocery store until a kid from my church caught my attention (awkward), felt headachy and sick and I think I fell asleep on my couch for a few minutes but I’m not sure. 9 more words

Everyday Life

small stones (5)

achy hips
creaky knees
back bent in pain
feet numb, yet needled
these ol’ aged bones

if only my body
was as young as my mind… 10 more words

Small Stones

Give A Little, Take A Little

I went for a beautiful walk yesterday with my husband through the redwoods.  I’ve lived in California for ten years now and I still never cease to be amazed by the beauty and size of the redwoods.  259 more words

My UNWILLING Interview With SANDY…

Just yesterday AGAIN I was involved with this same situation,

P.S.:     Just to know, SANDY isn’t a Person;

NOW then,

When last did you Run around SO MUCH, 481 more words


Because I am Tired

Fatigue has overcome my very being.

So, I am slumped over in my seat

Because I am tired.

So, I rest my head on my desk… 85 more words

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