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Reblog Tuesday: Ericka Clay's "Sizzle" at @TipsyLit

For this week’s installment of Reblog Tuesday we take a spin over to Ericka Clay’s site, Tipsy Lit, for a look at her poem titled “Sizzle”




Ericka Clay Wrote a Book

I have blogged on and off for about six years now and one thing has remained constant, Ericka Clay. I have followed Ericka Clay since… 368 more words


Friday in Philadelphia

Eight years old when I watched a man beat another

with a baseball bat just feet from our front door,

both shirtless in late summer heat… 155 more words

Tipsy Lit


Remember that Friends episode where Chandler suggests he and Monica buy a traffic sign that says “MERGE” over their bed once they’re married?

Well, I’m in the process of MERGING erickaclay.com with tipsylit.com so my life is pretty much a Friends episode right now. 46 more words


The Tipsy 10

Dudes, things are nuts.

We’re in the final phase of getting my novel, Unkept, into your hands, so I’ve been a busy little bee, choosing a cover and reviewing edits and all that other good stuff, which means I’ve had to axe our… 137 more words


you are leaving

I am here, I am perched on one edge

of your hospital bed home watching as

you fold into the familiar indentation,

spoon a fruit cocktail between two… 255 more words