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Ericka Clay Wrote a Book

I have blogged on and off for about six years now and one thing has remained constant, Ericka Clay. I have followed Ericka Clay since… 368 more words


Friday in Philadelphia

Eight years old when I watched a man beat another

with a baseball bat just feet from our front door,

both shirtless in late summer heat… 155 more words

Tipsy Lit

The Tipsy 10

Dudes, things are nuts.

We’re in the final phase of getting my novel, Unkept, into your hands, so I’ve been a busy little bee, choosing a cover and reviewing edits and all that other good stuff, which means I’ve had to axe our… 137 more words


you are leaving

I am here, I am perched on one edge

of your hospital bed home watching as

you fold into the familiar indentation,

spoon a fruit cocktail between two… 255 more words


The Power of the Power Suit

“They aren’t even listening to me!” she fumed, storming out of the parlor and slamming the door behind her.

“You’re a girl,” Cody answered calmly from his seat at the worn dining room table. 615 more words


Pens and Swords

As proven once again this week, the sharp crack of gunfire and the rattling of sabers is no match for the sound of pencils and pens scratching ideas and ideals across parchment. 267 more words

From The Heart


I watched her from

behind my prison, wooden desk

the same as all the others but

the contact paper that held my

scrawled out name against the… 402 more words