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5 Superfoods For Healthy Glowing Skin

What you eat makes a huge difference to your skin. Here are 5 foods you can incorporate in your daily diet for gorgeous glowing skin.


Latest About NMAT: A Walk in the Park Guide for Aspiring Med Students

An all-heart-and-soul kind of commitment with med school is admirable but it’s not enough to sustain you to the first step of entering your dream med school. 766 more words

Med School

Duct Repair & Replacement - Tips

One of one of the most common signs that your property or structure is experiencing malfunctioning ductwork is if your air conditioning system is running full speed but you need to establish your thermostat at an exceedingly low level to attain a degree of cooling down that is levels over that level. 107 more words

Help! It's Potty Training Time!

With every milestone and every new accomplishment done we, as parents, feel relieved and proud that our babies are moving smoothly from one stage to the other. 1,376 more words


Makanan yang Dibolehkan dan Dilarang bagi Penderita Maag Kronis

Maag memang berhubungan dengan lambung dan makanan. Produksi asam lambung yang berlebihan adalah penyebab maag. Namun kadar asam lambung demikian dipicu oleh kebiasaan yang salah, utamanya dalam hal konsumsi makanan. 390 more words



Wow! That boom looks like it is really up there. I am sure however the position of the camera adds to the effect. Never the less, it is still a high boom. 1,417 more words

Tadpole Trikes

7 tips for å kapre drømmejobben

Det er mai, og mange av dere er snart ferdig utdannet. Da er det på tide at Carina og Verena deler sine topp 7 tips for å kapre drømmejobben. 416 more words

Carina Og Verena