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All About Bread Dough!

So today I would like to talk to you all about dough! Bread dough to be specific… And what you’re doing wrong to it. GET READY FOR SOME KNOWLEDGE! 2,406 more words


The Fear of Editing

Writers write. Or so you would think. Do artists art, or musicians music? Well, yes, in a way, but there is more to being a writer, artist, and musician than just a word that describes what we do. 1,251 more words


Try These Four Fun Tips to Make Women Feel Weird!

Other people’s agency got you down?

Having difficulty asserting the dominion over man and beast our sexual culture has promised you?

What if the secret to sleeping with any woman you wanted was simply making her feel weird enough to consent despite her deeply held reservations? 554 more words

Biopolitical Social Control

Zimbra Tips and Tricks

This article will briefly cover a few tips and tricks for folks that use Zimbra as their e-mail client. There is a lot the Zimbra E-mail client can do that we won’t be covering, but this is a good starting place! 2,324 more words

Computers 101

Android's Efing Insufficient Memory Error!

So a pet-peeve of mine is the fact that I can’t install apps to my SD card on my phone (Lg Tribute.) What’s the point of having SD capability if apps aren’t allowed to use? 566 more words


Quickly Unblocking Powershell scripts you have downloaded.

The quickest way I have found is to do this is from PowerShell as an admin as such …..

Get-ChildItem "C:\somewhere\in-the-file-system\MyDownloadedScripts" -Recurse | Unblock-File

For more info about how/why downloaded scripts are blocked see this post by Scott Hanselman


Save @ Zenni Optical Online

I have been purchasing eye glasses at Zenni since my adult children were kids, it is an inexpensive way to pull off major purchases. The tradition continues as they are now adults and buy their glasses through Zenni, it is quick, easy, with a vast array of frames to purchase from. 121 more words