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LIPS: Care Tips and Current Lip Loves

In the month of May it’s been all about the lips for me!

I wanted to share with you the three lip products I’ve been loving the most this past month, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to also share a few little tips on maintaining healthy lips… 369 more words


The Labels That Actually Tell You If Food Is Healthy

Forget “Fat free”, “Natural” or “Made with real fruit.” Food packages are covered in claims that make you think you’re buying something healthy, but many of those labels are useless to you, the consumer.

79 more words

Quest for Stuff Quick Walkthroughs: Nature Week & the S&M Cow

Hello There Clammers!

Mooooooo-ve over Clammers, because it’s about to get udderly crazy in Quahog!  Ok that’s enough cow jokes for now….don’t wanna get too… 641 more words

Game Play

Stop washing your hair!

My first tip to you guys is simple, don’t wash your hair everyday.  If you have hair like mine, then it probably isn’t very oily and if it is oily then your hair is probably thick enough to absorb it.   234 more words

Tips And Tricks

Finals Tips

Hello :)

So, you might’ve noticed that I’ve kinda been MIA for a while and that is because, for most of us, it’s (almost) finals week. 684 more words


How to Stop Impulses.

Hey, guys! So I decided to write about this, and this goes out to all of those with impulse issues such as those with bipolar disorder. 289 more words

Bipolar Disorder

This is the Most Relaxing DIY Pedicure Ever

It’s finally sandal season, which means it’s time to get your toes in tip-top shape. However, the recent outcry over mistreated nail salon workers sparked by the spectacular… 628 more words