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Tips & Tricks: Sensitive Teeth Whitening

i think we can all appreciate a nice white smile. There are different ways to attain a white smile and a lot of products that promise to brighten and whiten those enamels. 121 more words

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HowTo - YouTube Playlists

This tutorial will examine how to create, add to, and manage videos using YouTube playlists. Playlists are a great way to organize videos into groups and then share them with your students.


Distance vs. Size - ON SET ep. 35: AdoramaPro

Join Daniel Norton on set as he demonstrates how size and distance influences the softness of your light source. 



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25 more words


Selective Focus: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

Selective focus is a great tool for any photographer or visual storyteller. Mark looks at how you can use this to your advantage and ensure you are not missing out on the great stories right in front of you, and ultimately help you tell a stronger story with your photos. 32 more words


9 Very Basic Tips for Newbie Music Photographers

So you’re about to take on the wonderful world of concert photography! It’s exciting, it’s hilarious and it’s bloody tough. I’ve been shooting live music for over 13 years now so I thought I might share some industry advice with you. 59 more words


Local Market Adventures

As one of the goals of our senior project, we wanted to explore the culture of Hong Kong and incorporate that into our cooking. Therefore, we decided to finally visit the local market (wet market) located in Central. 301 more words