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CrossBreed Appendix Carry Holster Review - Video

CrossBreed Appendix Carry Holster Review

Rob Pincus reviews the CrossBreed Holsters appendix carry holster and gives a few tips on the proper appendix carry method.  Check it out.

Video uploaded by GunTalkTv


Thought: Sincerity & Integrity in Blogging & Life

This is a rather unusual Thought this week. It rambled in my mind over so many areas that I decided to see how it rambled out in words. 1,079 more words


If you can't tip...

I’ll try not to make a habit out of venting blogs, but I feel the need to say this, and I know I’m not alone when I say it, If you can’t tip after going out to eat… Don’t go out! 1,517 more words

#teamhotchocolate to Herbal Detox Tea & all the benefits.

I had a super early start today (woke up at 630am) to have a coaching call with my amazing coach Dave Blomsterberg & he taught me that it’s not all about me, its the value I have to offer which was so amazing to hear that again. 251 more words


Armor Piercing Bullet Ban On The Table

A proposal to ban a bullet that can pierce armor has upset the gun industry and its supporters.
The bullet in question is the M855 “green tip,” which is used in the popular AR-15 assault rifles. 1,061 more words

U.s. Politics

Football Is Over. Time to Kickoff Home Selling Season

Here in Seattle, everyone from “sunny day fans” to seasoned “12’s” have been mesmerized by the continued success of our beloved Seahawks.  Even though the outcome was not all we wanted, we applaud the Hawks for one of the most exciting endings in my 50+ years of being a football fan. 488 more words

Buying Real Estate

Writing Week: Day Five -

Hello everyone! I’m back for the fifth day of writing week with a little tip. I hope you enjoy!

Tip: Always keep a little notebook and pen with you to write any interesting thoughts you have, or actions/dialogue you hear. 12 more words