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Is my furnace worth repairing or should I replace it?

Well, the answer to that question is two sided. Generally speaking, the older the furnace is, the more likely that it has (or is going to develop) a defective heat exchanger. 278 more words

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High efficiency or not?

Another two-sided question. Back about 25 years ago rising energy costs caused furnace manufacturers to go about experimenting to get the MOST efficiency possible out of their products. 297 more words

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Tip of the week talks about lesser known correct versions of language usage.

2 Feb – Confusing words:

Loose, lose – confusing?

It takes me a second to figure the correct one out! 122 more words

Confusing Words

Tip of the Week - Why Change Your Air Filter?

Dirty air filters kill your furnace’s efficiency.

When your air filter is dirty the furnace runs longer cycles trying to heat your home thus causing higher fuel consumption. 30 more words

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Tip of the Week: Who's vs. Whose

In my tip of the week a few weeks ago, I mentioned that apostrophes are used to show possession. Having said that, I’m about to throw you guys a curveball while talking about the differences between who’s and whose. 223 more words


Tip of the week: How to get early access to new Dropbox features

Are you a Dropbox for Business evangelist? Do you wish you could give feedback directly to the teams that build Dropbox for Business? If so, we’ve got a way for you to try out new Dropbox for Business features before they’re widely released — and give us your feedback. 155 more words


LegalTrac & The Wheel of Topics (Tip of the Week)

By Ken Fox

LegalTrac is an American-based index of journal articles, legal reviews, and news sources, including materials from the Commonwealth, EU, and elsewhere. As of February 27 it contains 1,810,147 records published from 1980 to 2015, including many full-text articles. 364 more words

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