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The Tiny House Movement

Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t, but the tiny house movement is gaining ground around the world. These little homes pack ALOT of punch. 513 more words

Building Your Own Home

Teeny Tiny House

The sign read, “Tulsa’s First Tiny House”, how could I resist. I have been reading and watching videos about the tiny house movement for over a year now, and I was dying to step inside one for myself. 240 more words

A New Housing Trend Like Nothing Seen Before

This month, “The Residential Specialist” magazine had it’s yearly Green Issue that covered a topic I have been hearing a lot about lately from my kids- The so called phenomenon of Tiny Homes. 198 more words

Home Buying/Selling

Calgary could use more tiny homes like Margo, not fewer

The City of Calgary is aiming for a more compact urban form. Just don’t make your footprint too compact, or you’ll get hassled.

Ask homeowner Nancy Shadlock, who was recently served with an eviction notice at her Bowness home — which happens to be the size of a broom closet. 462 more words

Urban Compass Calgary

A new rhythm...

And so a new rhythm of my life begins… I am incorporating many of the old ways of being and maneuvering through this world but I have learned things, of course, during this new transition. 256 more words


Cedar "X" style fence.

So, now we are building a fence to enclose an upper pasture.
The reason this fence style was chosen is to that it will rot away in the future, rather than leave dangerous barbed wire all over the place (humans are so inconsiderate…!) 167 more words