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Earthen Acres

Anyone who’s interested in Cob should definitely check out this blog. The blog is called Earthen Acres and has so much useful information, tips, and best of all many pictures of the building process!

Affordable Housing

A Twist On The Tiny Home: The Ecocapsule

Just once, in my sad attempt for small talk, I would like for whomever I’m talking to to say something more exhilarating and surprising than “We’re buying a house”. 732 more words

Tiny House Dream

A lot of things are going on for the princeling and I, and one of the things that happened was this: We turned too quickly to get into the rehab facility my dad is at, and ended up in the driveway for senior apartments over looking a pond/lake sort of thing. 774 more words


Help for the Homeless

Could the tiny home movement be a way to give the homeless in America a hand up?  A fact sheet published by the National Coalition for the Homeless,  78 more words

Tiny Homes

Temporary Housing Alternatives

Tiny homes like the Katrina cottages were provided as an alternative to temporary government housing in Louisiana after hurricane Katrina. Long term temporary housing was essential for the victims in the post disaster communities.   17 more words

Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes

In Bois de Lance most of the homes are tiny, with barely enough room for the multi generational families that reside in them.  The average home is around 150 square foot, just enough room for the basics.   211 more words

Tiny Homes