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Takeaways from Tinkering at Lunch

Lunch time tinkering turned out to be extremely popular. Though I didn’t know what to expect going in, these are a few of the takeaways I came away with: 415 more words

Printing Out Spreadsheet Cell Values by (Hierarchical) Column Using pandas

Building on from Wrangling Complex Spreadsheet Column Headers, I’ve been hacking the spreadsheet published here a bit more so that I can print out each column value from each sheet in a given spreadsheet for a particular local authority (that is, particular key value in a particular column), to get an output of the form: 674 more words


Wrangling Complex Spreadsheet Column Headers

Not a little p****d off by the Conservative election pledge to extend the right-to-buy to housing association tenants (my response: so extend the right to private tenants too? 844 more words


A Dawning Realisation (NaPoWriMo no. 9)


A Dawning Realisation

What was I thinking?
No inkling of the dangerous tinkering, the insane imagining, the mingling what-if-ing that could crush my being. … 50 more words


Why "Thinkering"? Because I Can't Stop Tinkering with my Thinking.

Knitting: Currently this shawl is on the needles and has been for far too long. Must. Keep. Knitting. So many other projects await. The pattern’s Old Shale and the yarn’s Filatura Di Crosa Brilla, Color 432. 366 more words


Building a mini submarine

A few weeks ago at our Family Inventors Lab, our book for the day was Papa’s Mechanical Fish, a really well-written and enjoyable book that shares the adventures of a family where the father is an inventor, who is sometimes successful and sometimes not. 457 more words


Secret Life of Engineers

I love to tinker with mechanical stuff AND I love to write technical reports. That’s why engineering has appealed to me all these years. But I also have a secret life. 313 more words