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Arduino Project Handbook

No work today! How better to spend a day off than to tinker! So I decided I’d mess around with the arduino kit for a couple hours today. 72 more words


The first thing I remember tinkering on was an old broken radio. The back had been torn off and guts of the machine could be plainly seen. 149 more words


Skyping with Rube Goldberg's Granddaughter: Improving the Student Voice Experience

Our 2nd grade is in the midst of another amazing project. They are studying simple machines, force, and motion as a part of their science curriculum.   686 more words


Art, Arduino, Sound Sensors, LEDs, and Star Wars!

Regular drawing and painting just didn’t seem to fit the bill of a creative outlet for me, so I decided to design my own mix of art, Arduino, LEDs, sound sensors and star wars all sprinkled with a little computer code.   423 more words


Recreating a Node.js Installation - Package Versions

Rebuilding a fresh version of the TM351 VM from scratch yesterday, I got an error trying to install tty.js, a node.js app that provides a “terminal desktop in the browser”. 311 more words


Teachers in the Makerspace: An Exploration Experiment

Each time I see students using our makerspace tools I see possibilities.  I see the problem solving that goes into each attempt and each failure.  I see the curiosity and energy that students bring with them.   1,232 more words