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Giving teacher's a voice without overloading them - how do leaders do this?

Teachers want to and should be heard – how do leaders do this without overloading teachers with priorities to address? On Thursday morning three people on the Report Committee facilitated a report review session. 918 more words

Constructing Meaning

FAST FRIEND ( 2015 )

The year has come and flown away

This is another sanguine day

How fleetly time does pass us by

And leaves behind the tears that dried… 46 more words


Mason bees ready for take off 

Our new bee house is set in a east facing location and is ready for bees! Tomorrow (April 18th) I will be setting out our bees from thier tiny box that they arrived in, waking then all from thier slumber. 101 more words


A basic extensible execution timer for C++

All of us need to time our projects and part of it. While recently getting re-acquainted with C++ through C++11, I too need to do it many times. 1,180 more words


Is calling a recursive class method slower than calling recursive free functions in C++ ?

While trying to make an algorithm recently, I just wondered will it be better to define and declare a recursive method outside of a class. To confirm my doubt, I wrote a small program using C++11 and tested it. 548 more words


Do you have hope in God?

Do you have hope in God that he is working in your life? Do you wait on the Lord or do it your own way? Do you feel God hears your prayers? 106 more words


The Best Time of Day Is Now

It was an eventful week for me, but what I have learned, fits in perfectly with nugget #9 as we find it in the book… 836 more words