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Photographers, you seriously need an artist statement.

As the default photo editor of a magazine, I run into the same issues time and again when photographers submit their portfolios. I absolutely hate having to turn down good images and good photographers, but there are reasons that necessitate that I do, and they all stem from the fact that: Photographers, you seriously need an artist statement. 977 more words

Timely Concerns

Women, It's Time to Start Caring About Sports

The declarations of love for sports that I’m about to spew forth may immediately glaze your eyes. In the world of sporting events, there is no ambivalence, just love or hate, and on the part of many women, the feeling is hate, especially on that all-sacred day—Super Bowl Sunday. 2,318 more words

Timely Concerns

Do you read things on the internet? Here's how to not be a terrible person while reading things on the internet.

Whether you know it or not, every single click you make to read an article from Facebook dictates the job functions of millions of Americans. I’m not exaggerating. 1,696 more words

Timely Concerns