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Manage your time

Time management is an everlasting discussion, and there are so many different techniques that exist out there. Therefore, every person has its own method to manage his time. 245 more words

How to Manage Time with 10 Tips that Work

It seems like I have my hands into so many different things that I really am challenged in managing my time wisely. I get the important stuff done first of course, but then sometimes I forget things or feel frustrated because I didn’t do enough in one day. 1,180 more words

Virtual Assistant

All that you can’t leave behind (on maternity leave)

My baby is less than 3 months old. I am on unpaid leave. This morning, a colleague came over to my house to discuss revising and resubmitting a grant proposal that recently got rejected. 1,810 more words

Work-Life Balance

Procrastination| Making Life Harder

In my Adv. English class my teacher asked us to prepare a persuasive speech about any topic. I was having trouble thinking up a topic and I waited; hoping for inspiration. 535 more words


My Sweet Tooth

(or, indeed, teeth)

This is a tough one for me to admit, so apologies if this post degenerates into self-loathing and textual crying over my inability to eat healthily on a regular basis; but I have a pretty bad sweet tooth. 585 more words

Stuff About Me

Waste not want not :-)

We had a huge buffet laid on at work today. This has never happened in the 6 years I have been working there so it caused great excitement. 128 more words

General And Rants

Investing Your Time in the Present by Emily Lewin

Time is the greatest gift that we possess. We cannot control time, we can’t store it up for later or go back and retrieve any that we’ve lost, but we can invest time. 512 more words

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