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How Monkeys Teach Us to Grow Our Savings

I’m not a huge fan of Tony Robbins, but I did find his interview on The Tim Ferriss Show back in October very fascinating. One nugget of financial wisdom and psychology insight that I took away from the nearly 2-hour interview was a correlation between monkeys and humans. 335 more words


Interesting Reads This Week

Summer! To me, nothing quite symbolizes summer like feeling like one has all the time in the world to read anything and everything. Here are some articles (including one podcast!) I found this week that you may be interested in perusing as you sip your afternoon tea and relax after a long day of work: 706 more words


Weekend sewing results...some good, some bad....

Had a few successful sewing days last week and weekend. I fished out a few items that needed finishing, ok, what really happened is that I had forgotten where I put the top since there was some hand sewing involved and I recently lifted up a skirt (in a sewing basket) that needs hemming (hand sewing again) and I found it! 530 more words


The 3 Things Chris Sacca Would Look for When Hiring an Intern

As an avid podcast listener, I’ll admit that I judge an episode by its title. The number of available podcasts (and the number of episodes within those podcasts) is overwhelming, so an episode’s title will decide whether or not it’s worth my next 50 minutes. 828 more words


Publishing 2.0: Tim Ferriss on Using a Viral Idea to Create a Best-seller

This post is from 2008 but still a very interesting read about a very interesting dude….Tim Ferriss.

By Leo Babauta
It’s pretty rare that a first-time author, a virtual unknown, can have his book rapidly climb to the top of just about every best-seller list. 129 more words


First week of my second experiment to lose fat

Last week I shared the results of my experiment with eating the right proportions of carbs, protein and fat. It worked out well, but I wanted to speed up my fat-loss. 853 more words


Book Report: Recession Proof Graduate

“These job-listing sites are like city bars. There are typically only a few really hot ‘offers’ in the huge crowd, while the rest are fairly lackluster. 820 more words