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I have been avoiding my computer...

New years resolution was a fail. The idea was to write more than ever before, but I have been avoiding my computer like if it wasn’t working. 496 more words


A Gringo in Mexico's 10 Travel Warnings for Baja California

BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO – I’m often asked by stateside friends about our family’s experiences traveling in and around Baja California. We drive just south of the border from San Diego 2-3 times a month for weekend stays on the beaches of… 657 more words


Tijuana's Gay Parade

Tijuana’s annual Gay Pride celebration

Robert Joe Stout

“Can’t get through,” the cabdriver slammed on the brakes, “I’ll have to back up and go around.” 730 more words

Life In Mexico

2 da Reunion Vochera

2 da Reunion Vochera
March 29, 2015
Tijuana, Mexico

Hosted by:
Independent VW Tijuana
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vw.tijuana.independent



Still on the white + black + denim trend. If I love something about fashion, is playing with clothes and trends. So, this is about creating your own personal style! 108 more words


From "American Dream" to "Worst Nightmare"

 The need to provide a better future for their families, forced them to make choices that changed the rest of their lives.From living under a warm and lovely roof, to being categorized as “criminals” who ended up living on the street, bridges and “canals.” Living under unbearable and unsanitary conditions; cold, hunger, discrimination, abuse but mostly forced to leave their life and loved ones behind thinking about when will be the next time you will see each others again.. 44 more words

San Diego

Le Componen Corrido Al ‘Hijo Del Perro Aguayo’

Un fan del ‘Hijo del Perro Aguayo’ decidió componerle un corrido y asi rendirle honor a su ídolo.

Pedro Aguayo Ramirez, el nombre verdadero del luchador, falleció el domingo pasado durante una pelea en Tijuana. 48 more words