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The Tibetan Book of the Dead


In this third stage of the Bardo, the karmic illusions come to shine. It is very important that this Great Setting-face-to-face of the Chönyid Bardo be read: it hath much power and can do much good. 297 more words

Tibetan Monk by viajesquetequitenloviajao

Tibetan monk in litang, so close to Tibet

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The Red and White Dragons

Having moved to the Land of the Red Dragon nearly eight months ago I began to ponder over the relationship between the Welsh Red dragon and one of my personal dragon links – a huge white dragon. 401 more words

Earth-based Spirituality

bamboo cooking spoons

This organic bamboo utensil is handcrafted. Stronger than wood, it will not harm fine cookware or take on odours or flavours. Safe for non-stick surfaces, this natural bamboo spoon is less absorbent than wood and. 34 more words


Nepal, Maitreya - Licchavi period

This is Maitreya in his buddha form, sitting on a throne with his legs pendant, his feet resting on a pedestal. His delicate body, with very thing legs, and his small face contrast with the bulk of the throne and the amount of cloth under him. 96 more words

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