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The Victim.

Imagine getting up then traveling to a place without a destination. Then, you wake up in a place unknown and all of a sudden every problem or worries you had still followed you. 773 more words


My Journey - Part 1

My Journey – Part 1.

I will try my hardest not to make these incredibly lengthy. I know people get bored fast and the more wordy something is the faster you lose their attention. 1,802 more words


Too many months in review: Am I the only one still talking about 2014? Yep.

Before I delve into all the glorious details of training from months past I’ll remind you that this tale left off with a somewhat broken thyroid, a completely derailed training plan, and a marathon on the distant horizon.   1,927 more words



The first medication I received Levothyroxine. If you remember my first post, when I first went to the doctor, they weren’t to sure why my feet were swollen, so they ran blood work and discovered that my Thyroid wasn’t producing enough hormones, which is why they started giving me this medication. 235 more words


The Freedom and Power of Authenticity

I’m working my muscle of doing and saying what’s right for me in a split second lately, instead of worrying about other people for too long. 451 more words



I think I’ve talked about this before but never at length and i feel now would be a good time to as I’m in the throws of a hypothyroid episode. 885 more words

long overdue!

i am well passed late getting my thyroid test done and I am beyond exhausted so I think it’s time to bite the bullet and go to the Doctors to get my bloods taken. 622 more words

Chronic Pain