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Rosacea associated with increased risk of some cancers

The Lancet Oncology: 2 July 2015

Personal history of rosacea, an inflammatory skin disease, is significantly associated with an increased risk of thyroid cancer and basal cell carcinoma in women, a…

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Keeping Up

If you’re like me at all, you know what it’s like to have a constant long mental list of things to do in your head.  Along with that mental list, there are also numerous sticky notes hanging around the house that seem to remind me more of my disdain for sticky notes than the actual reminders on the note.   497 more words

*Massive Sigh*

Hey guys.

This week’s check in (was it a week?!) finds me smoking, whilst drinking a (vegan) hot chocolate concoction in nearly 30 degree C heat, sat on my living room floor instead of being at work  *sigh*. 430 more words

Mental Health

All About Vitamin D

In this episode of Nourish Noshes, we explain all about Vitamin D: it’s role in our bodies, it’s importance to be at optimal levels, and what those optimal levels are, as well as how to get enough to be healthy. 7 more words

Healthy Eating

Day 4

Surgery sucks. That’s it. It does. I guess, to be fair, the surgery is nothing, but the days following are going to be hard. This wasn’t my first surgery, but it was the first one that required general anesthesia, and that meant I got to wake up delirious,  nauseated, and with the worst sore throat I’ve ever had in my life. 653 more words


Invisible Me Wellbeing

 Invisible Me Wellbeing was founded in 2015 and came about after running my Fibromyalgia Somerset Facebook Page.

Over the 5 years I have run this page I have been contacted from people all over the world with fibromyalgia.   115 more words

What about our pets?

 “Jamie” by Kenya

Our elderly dog Jamie has been unwell for the last couple of weeks. I have spent lots of time with her, getting to her move around and eat, so I thought she should be the inspiration for this week’s blog post. 729 more words

Kefir Grains