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Greetings Fellow Sojourner!

I recently had thyroid cancer surgery. The process began because my doctor noticed my thyroid was swollen during a yearly physical exam, but instead of keeping this observation to himself, he shared it with me, which led to an ultrasound, biopsy and then surgery. 407 more words

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Did I mention the mutations?

During my mom’s process of determining the right course for her cancer, she got a second opinion at the University of Michigan– which is also where I ended up getting a second opinion.   642 more words

Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer prevalence has increased threefold over the past 40 years, and the chemical industry seems to be doing everything it can to keep fluoride out of the conversation

(NaturalNews) As scientists struggle to explain why thyroid cancer rates have more than tripled in the U.S. since the mid-1970s, nobody’s addressing the elephant in the room that is artificial water fluoridation and the confirmed toxicity of fluoride chemicals when they enter the thyroid gland. 767 more words

American Are Literally Ill From Toxins

My Mother

Four months after I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She had put off her yearly mammogram because of all the doctor appointments she had to attend with me.   385 more words

Thyroid Cancer

Welcome to My World

Welcome to my world. I am Vicky, mom & wife in a fabulously wonderful slightly dysfunctional blended family. I am a thyroid cancer warrior & Hashimotos disease fighter. 88 more words

The thing about compassion

I’ve discovered something about compassion. When you are not at home with yourself, you don’t have much of it to give to others.

A year’s therapy done and not only am I happier in my skin, I am finding I have much more room in my soul fior others’ flaws (and mine). 497 more words