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Super Duper Vegan

I read an article yesterday about Methionine and how following a diet low in methionine can kill cancer. Which basically mean going Vegan since most methianine rich foods are meat, dairy, fish, poultry, etc. 183 more words


***THE PLAN***

Okay, I only have like 20 minutes to write.

I gotta tell ya, I’ve been absolutely terrified of this surgery coming up. I mean, just filled with major anxiety and it has been driving me crazy! 368 more words


one day...

I’m currently home with the flu, so I had some time to watch a movie or 10The Fault In Our Stars. I’m not sure if there’s any other movie I have cried quite as much as in this one. 698 more words


Screw You Cancer

Five years ago, at the crack of dawn when I was highly drugged up and talking nonsense about the operating room not looking like Grey’s Anatomy’s set, my surgeon and thyroid doctor cut my cancer out of my throat. 144 more words

God Has Been There After All

All day yesterday I’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking about God and my life and the role He’s played in it. I keep wanting to blame Him for all the bad stuff that’s happened. 863 more words

Thyroid Cancer

A Lemon Concoction That Will Cure Everything

Of course, another thing on my mind today is my health. My cancer, my weight, my overall energy, all that stuff. I took my daughter to ITZ last night as a reward for her being such a good helper while my son has been on crutches. 471 more words


No Longer A Slave To Fear

Hearing the word cancer strikes fear into the heart of a person, into their family and their friends.

Fear is an emotion that cripples us, it can make you close yourself off from people, you feel like you can’t talk about it, and therefore you internalise all your thinking, which in turn enlarges the fear. 217 more words