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Love the Way You Think, Hate the Way You Act

Ben Harper – Steal My Kisses. Why isn’t there music like this out anymore? Upbeat and fun with lyrics that don’t suck.


Throwback Thursday - Some old-school Witch Mountain!

As you read this, Witch Mountain is out on the road supporting the mighty YOB, so I can’t think of a better time to get them in here for a Throwback If you haven’t heard of the Portland doomsters by now, my question to you is…where have you been? 497 more words

Daily 'Bang

Etymology, Semantics, Linguistics, Humanities

Dear Reader,

This one makes me cringe a little. Paragraph structure is slacking, proper sentence construction is lacking…. eugh. However, there are lots of little nuggets of wisdom and clever phrasing that I find worth preserving.

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Throwback Thursday: YOB's touring, so here's some Middian!

Since I’m seeing YOB in Atlanta in just over a week and a half, what better way to spend a Throwback Thursday than looking back on some of Mike Scheidt’s previous work? 397 more words

Daily 'Bang

One-Liner Wednesday -- Characters say the darndest things.

My one-liner today is two sentences instead of one (sorry!), and leapt out at me from my Timehop yesterday in a brief post I’d blogged 4 years ago! 105 more words


By William Dekker

That a bedbug can hoard an HIV virus for up to eight days after feeding on a HIV Positive person. I don’t want to go to Hostel J, not even H. 334 more words


So You're Back From Study Abroad

Dear Reader,

This was one of the coolest assignments I had to do for my intercultural communication class. I’ve shared it with a lot of friends and I’m sharing it with you.

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