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Throwback Thursday!

#ThrowbackThursday! That time in my early 30s when I had short hair!

The Story behind this one is…I was asked last second by singer Lily Nazar to step on Stage to play backup guitar for her performance at Peace in the Park in Niagara-on-the-Lake. 17 more words


Throwback Thursday: The Black Dahlia Murder...because Detroit!

Alright, so for those somehow unaware, I’m off to Detroit less than 24 hours from now. Finally, for the first time in my life, I’ll be watching my beloved Detroit Red Wings on their home ice at Joe Louis Arena, rather than among enemies at the TD Bank Garden in Boston or some shit. 468 more words


Where Are They Now? Jay Rokeach

Put yourself at Joe Robbie Stadium from 1993 – 1997…

Who can forget the unique sound of hearing “Jeff COOOOOOnine!” blaring triumphantly through the stadium speakers? 155 more words

Marlins History

9/22/14 Throwback: Emptiness

Shit happens because of other shit.

Buddhist Tradition teacher Guy Newland made this comment in class today.


9/13/14 Throwback: More Mindfulness

I did a mindfulness meditation. I lost my concentration well over 100 times. I was using a baseball pitch counter to measure. I am realizing how chaotic my mind is. 50 more words

Path Of Awakening

9/11/14 Throwback: Thoughts and Meditation

My body is always here and now, but my mind sure isn’t. That is actually a scary thought haha. I don’t want to leave my body to its own devices! 56 more words

Path Of Awakening

Not Still A Janitor

DMX – Party Up (In Here). Since randomly mopping up strip clubs at last call we haven’t heard much from DMX. Remember when he was good? I sort of do.