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Read, Watch, Listen!

I just read Winning From Within, by Erica Fox, and The Wright Brothers, by David McCullough, and I’m now reading The Innovators by Walter Isaacson. I’ve also been reading the book of Acts, in the Bible. 425 more words

Randy Hasper

Do you have 8 Minutes to Spare?

We hear a lot about running from one thing to the next. We’re all apparently so “busy” that sometimes it almost sounds like a competition between friends as to who is stretched the most thinly. 355 more words


Enjoy the Journey

My daughter, Jordanne, has taught me many things. Perhaps her approach to life has influenced me the most. It used to be when I went for a drive I was only concerned with the destination. 562 more words


Matthew 1 | May 25

Kid Focus: Matthew 1:1-6

Happy Matthew 1, everybody! And Merry Christmas!

This long list of names may not seem like the most exciting way to kick off a study of the Gospels, but it has so much to teach us! 144 more words


Matthew: An Introduction

Matthew (or Levi) was one of Jesus’ twelve disciples. His first-hand knowledge of Jesus informs every word of his book. As a Jewish man, his book is chiefly concerned with pointing Jews toward their Messiah; however, having worked closely with Rome as a tax collector, he understood that Jesus didn’t come only for Israel but for the entire world. 179 more words


Thrive - Part 2

The thief comes in the night.  Satan comes in every distraction and uses stressor after stressor to steal our attention away from God. By stealing our attention, Satan slowly eats away at our confidence, destroying our ability to see the God we become to complacent about knowing. 423 more words


Day 4 #sur-thriving!

Im not sure if I am still getting a great response from the sample pack. I am planning on purchasing the full month’s worth to make sure I give it a full run. 174 more words