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Mark 11 | July 2

Kid Focus: Mark 11:15-19

I am reminded as I read Mark 11 that Jesus is perfect. His life and mission were not easy, and as He entered Jerusalem and prepared to surrender His life, He could so easily have given into temptation. 120 more words


Thrive day 11

I thought it was a bit redundant to post every single day so I figured I would randomly check in. That and I’m not much on posting things. 171 more words

Weight Loss

From Striving to Thriving

Blog – July 1, 2015

From Striving to Thriving!

What do people get for all the toil and anxious striving with which they labor under the sun? 757 more words


Mark 10 | July 1

Kid Focus: Mark 10:35-45

Jesus’ ministry continues in Mark 10 as He begins to turn (already!) toward Jerusalem and His final week. Jesus, who by this point has attracted huge multitudes of followers, interacts with many people in this chapter, teaching and healing. 113 more words


Mark 9 | June 30

Kid Focus: Mark 9:14-29

I hope that you are discovering that Mark is a great story teller. His versions of the Gospel stories are action-packed and paint a vivid picture of the life of Jesus. 114 more words


It's Time to Look at the Elephant!

The Board of Directors sat quietly in the conference room, as the CEO reported on the monthly statistics and financials. Each of the six members were half listening, preoccupied with their own thoughts. 446 more words


Mark 8 | June 29

Kid Focus: Mark 8:22-26

Did you notice the strange healing story in the middle of this chapter? Reread verses 22-26. Weird, right?

Mark is the only Gospel writer who includes this particular account. 130 more words