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Three Popular Today (2011)

1. Certain music.

2. Certain shoe styles.

3. That black trademark turtleneck.


The one that Steve Jobs wore-

Sales, at this time, in much soar.

"Three By M.E./Rhymes Of The Times"

Three You Don't Want To See Fail (2011)

1. Your business.

2. Your children.

3. A nuclear plant generator.


In the U.S., a better maintenance plan-

Should be directly on hand.

"Three By M.E./Rhymes Of The Times"

Three To Grow Richer (2011)

1. Those who volunteer.

2. Those who make the right decisions.

3. Members of Congress.


To endure-

To do better than the middle class and the poor.


Three For Penny Pinchers (2011)

1. Family Dollar.

2. Big Lots.

3. Wal-Mart.


The discount store-

Sales and much more.


Three Requests For Santa Claus (2011)

1. Toys.

2. Electronics.

3. Job for Mom and Dad.


Time spent-

By the little ones, requesting

parental employment.

"Three By M.E./Rhymes Of The Times"

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 683 (Santa Watches Those Christmas Movies Too)


Santa Claus was running late-

For he had to catch up on some

old Christmas movies, that he

hadn’t seen, as of late.

First there was “The Magic Christmas Tree”- 319 more words


Three Things About The Drought (2011)

1. It shrinks the water in the lake.

2. It cracks the earth.

3. It brings long gone treasures to light.


Stuff that used to be underwater- 8 more words