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Three Reasons To Get A Divorce (2007)

1. Spousal abuse.

2. Abandonment.

3. Just plain unhappy.


For whatever reason-

The subject is always in season.


Three Ways To Get That Bonus (2007)

1. Work hard.

2. Actually earn it.

3. Let the little folks earn it for you.



The art to use others, in which to better live.


Three Reasons To Have Your Salary Cut Back (2007)

1. To save the company.

2. To save your job, and the jobs of others.

3. To pave the way for company executives to receive their bonuses. 11 more words


Three Places One Might Have Found Easter Eggs (2007)

1. Under the couch.

2. Behind the refrigerator.

3. In the closet.


Different hiding places began to unfold-

As the weather changed, and it turned cold.


Three Things To Do When Crossing The Street (2007)

1. Look to the left.

2. Look to the right.

3. Repeat 1 and 2 again.
Especially for us older folks walking around-
For the rate is too high, for us getting run down.



Three Ways To Get A Lighter Jail Sentence (2007)

1. Hire a good lawyer.

2. Do a minor crime.

3. Get caught at a later date.
Being too old to serve-
Is the latest curve.


Soap and More Soap (2007)

My grandmother used to watch As The World Turns. You know the soap opera that began a long time ago. First it was on radio, and then it hit television as a 15 minute show, then onto a thirty minute one, eventually ending up as a whole hour show. 590 more words