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Islamic State threat to behead Aussie Senator

Islam is so fragile and weak that debate about it cannot be allowed, otherwise its obvious shortcomings would be laid bare.

Rather than have to argue why this pre-medieval ideology wants to drag the planet back to the 7th Century, much easier to shriek ‘Islamophobia!’ and ‘Racist!’ or threaten physical harm. 364 more words

Australian Politics

3.1.15 - Drawing The Line

Adrenaline hits like a bomb, rippling through your body. In an instant you are alert, alive. Time slows down and sounds grow dull. The moment is upon you: fight, flee, or freeze. 771 more words

General Fitness

Exploits: What are they and how do they work?

We are constantly talking about vulnerabilities and exploits in IT security news, but for a lot of users these concepts might still be a little unclear. 774 more words



This is acceptable by societal norms
These are the words by which a child forms
Don’t do that and don’t do this
But doesn’t it seem just a little amiss? 169 more words

Information Security: Threats and Trends

Aside from the Group 2’s Presentation 1 last January 7, the Group 3 reported their Presentation 1 as well about the Information Security: Threats and Trends. 204 more words


Halifax police searching for person who made threatening call to NSCC

HALIFAX – Classes were back in session at the Akerley campus of the Nova Scotia Community College. Besides an increased police presence, there was nothing to indicate what happened at the college last night. 263 more words


TV causes unbearable pain to local raccoon

“An Amherst resident reported coming home to find the television tuned to a channel she never watches. Police found no evidence of a break-in to the home.” 200 more words