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Migrating ibis take turns in sharing the hard work of leading from the front

Migrating ibis take turns at flying in the front position of a V-formation, with each spending less than a minute in the top spot, a new study reveals. 489 more words


Why the blanket banning of wild caught fish would actually have a negative impact on the environment and developing communities #handsoffmyhobby

At Fishkeeper Scotland we aim to act as responsibly and sustainably as possible in our sourcing of quality and varied livestock from around the world. The vast majority of our regularly stocked and bestselling species are captive bred, whilst a fair amount of the unusual and most interesting species that find their way into your home aquariums and biotopes are wild caught by exporters that we know and trust. 1,118 more words


Don't we need more detail on how mine proposal will affect bilby habitat?

Will the greater bilby and black-footed rock wallaby be affected by a uranium mine and waste dump to be developed near Alice Springs in central Australia? 512 more words


Oregon Minnow Is First Fish Taken off Endangered List

It’s official. A tiny minnow that lives only in backwaters in Oregon’s Willamette Valley is the first fish to be formally removed from Endangered Species… 306 more words


Some Penguin Love This Valentine's Day

Australia’s eldest man is the kind of old person you WISH to become as you age into your golden years gracefully.  Well I’m sure YOU will be just fine.  479 more words

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Floridians Turn On Floridians

If you aren’t currently a resident, let me tell you one thing about Florida: WE ARE IN THE WILD.  Where else are you going to be woken up by the squawking of Sandhill crane couples?  917 more words

Wildlife Conservation

Killer cats: The devastating impact of feral cats on Australian biodiversity

I recently published a Hot Topic on feral cats for the Ecological Society of Australia.

Hot Topics are evidence-based syntheses of topical environmental issues and they include a database of studies relating to the topic. 285 more words