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You Must Really Suck at Hunting

In the hierarchy of the people I do not like, poachers actually rank above hunters.  Why is that?  They both murder animals, so aren’t they equally corrupt?  812 more words

Threatened Species

Winter Orange-bellied Parrot survey

This weekend is one of the annual winter Orange-bellied Parrot surveys throughout north-west Tasmania, King Island and south-east coastal areas of the mainland. This is part of a regular volunteer program run every year by Birdlife Australia to give a better picture of the population of one of the worlds rarest parrots. 314 more words

Flora And Fauna

Trees: Species At Risk in Ontario

Here at CLC Tree Services, we love trees. Native trees, big trees, little trees, deciduous or coniferous trees. Any kind of trees really. But we are saddened when we hear that some native trees are at risk. 505 more words


No federal conservation recovery plan for rare NSW mintbush first described in 1810

What happens when a rare Australian plant species that was presumed to be long-extinct is rediscovered?

Not a lot it seems, if the critically endangered Seaforth mintbush ( 493 more words


Pet trade prices can give early warning of wild species in danger, says Princeton study

Wildlife market prices in developing countries can be an early indicator that a species is declining, and could be used to target research and conservation projects, says a Princeton University study. 523 more words


Humming incubators and climate-controlled cool rooms: the other side of conservation

The one process now going on that will take millions of years to correct is the loss of genetic and species diversity by the destruction of natural habitats. 786 more words

Biodiversity Conservation

The Flying Foxes of Mombasa

Flying foxes, commonly known as bats are the second most diverse and abundant of mammals with great physiological and ecological diversity. Previously unknown to science and considered mysteries, bats play important ecological roles in seed dispersal and pollination, which help to maintain plant communities, and insect control, which limits the distribution and abundance of many pests responsible for spreading human diseases and causing significant economic damages to crops and livestock.  190 more words