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Not so simple

This reflection is from a few weeks ago, but I wanted to share it because it remains a challenge sometimes to remain positive in the face of the unknown and the unfamiliar.  409 more words


Mon emploi du temps

I’m slowly getting more familiar with my uni timetable as we head into the sixth week of lessons… although I still haven’t upgraded from the pen and highlighter creation on the cardboard of an old cereal box. 17 more words


Someone's been on a roadtrip

I was surprised to discover this decoration hanging off someone’s front mirror: an aussie road sign. The picture isn’t that clear, but it’s a shark motif on the typical yellow diamond, followed by “ROADSIGN australia”. 24 more words


Flowers in Winter

Even though it’s winter, there are still a few flowers out around the place. The other day I spied these pansy stickers on someone’s window. I found them so cute, especially given the little butterfly curtains to match. 48 more words


Tarte à l'orange


Not quite as delicate nor carefully constructed as the tartes at the local Patisserie, but still oh so good! The perfect project for a rainy afternoon, to share with others for dessert.