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Will your next chapter be your best chapter or just another chapter?

Often times we wonder pray and envision what the next chapter or phase of our life will look like. As I sat around thinking is there anything else that can be done to at least prepare myself of what is to come? 98 more words


My First 50 Word Short Story

Thoughts swirl around my head.

Frantic. Wild. Unrestrained.

To shepherd them requires too much effort.

They pull me in every direction.

But it is in these thoughts that I am free. 20 more words


May 28, 2015 at 11:09PM

I am not scare of death itself, but rather dieing alone
by Miyuru Sangith Dharmage
May 28, 2015 at 11:09PM



Flowers & Pearls

Point me to him
He, whose conscience was pure
Whose love made roses petals blush
Whose ambition could fuel the orbits
The man of wonders… 15 more words


Why do I write...

For me, it is an extension of who I am
The thoughts that race too fast for me to capture and keep forever
Mostly these thoughts are damning creatures that wish to mark my skin… 96 more words


Yummy snack 

I missed breakfast today, which is such a no no. But I had time to stop and get a very filling snack. An acaí bowl! They’re delicious. 59 more words


The Orange Diary

This last December, when I was visiting home and my family in India, I found ‘the orange diary’. Do you remember seeing or even owning those li’l secret diaries (some of you girls might do!) as youngsters, which used to have locks on them? 573 more words

The Little Things That Count ..

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My Very First Blog-Post, not too long back.. Beginning of my blogging journey , where I didn't have a mission, no targets to fulfil, no destination to achieve, just moments to seize! Happily, it is still the same...I only have a long & lovely way to go :) Hope you keep visiting me soon and often. Hope you tag along with me for some happiness, sharing and finding zindagi aka life to be raw&amazing!