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Skit i creme fraichen.

Ibland ringer jag till vänner på andra sidan världen och gråter över att jag inte har folk att gråta inför här. Jag vet, jag har alltid rört mig i det paradoxala. 409 more words


Realization and Reality

Come on, I want to become a teacher? Well the realization slap me last day that NO thanks I should just improve my career LOL. Just naive, so last day I had a teaching demo around 10 children and 4 teachers, it wasn’t as nerve wrecking as I thought while the taxi was getting into the corner street, also I did not prepare any speeches all of it was impromptu, though they credit me for having the potential of becoming a teacher. 151 more words


Do I consider myself Lucky?

With all the office jobs I’ve been through, my first working experience I think was the most productive experienced and stage of my life, I managed to work in that company for a year before I was laid off, the company was going bankrupt and it doesn’t exist now anymore, 2 months later after I was laid off it stop operating, sad. 655 more words


The beginning

You always start somewhere, this will be my humble beginning. You have got be able to build yourself. The world may break you but every step it takes is to make a future YOU. 353 more words


Suck it Up! That how life is!

Until now, I don’t understand myself! I want to work hard, but it seems that I don’t like what I do, for work example, I just don’t like this SEO work at all, it just what I have gain as a career but it’s not something I understand much and even like. 295 more words


Depression Strikes!

Dark and depressed, thinking about suicidal thoughts, how much I like the idea of death, how much I wanted to stop, how much I wanted to not feel, how much I wanted to be gone. 412 more words


My 3 Days in Bangkok

So far, I’m good. It’s been 3 days in Bangkok, the flight and immigration process was smooth. The feeling of being finally out of the country is exciting, totally first timer here, but I miss my friends already. 182 more words