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Row Your Boat

A thing is real if it actually exists. We perceive existence through our senses.

Our understanding of the world alters as we age, thus we can determine that our senses fail to provide an accurate representation of our surroundings. 51 more words


Wednesday Wonder #1

Hello Peeps. Welcome to the first Wednesday Wonder. Every Wednesday I aim to post a picture with a quote to simply encourage. I may type all my thoughts about it or just simply post the pic with a one liner… or two… 48 more words


The Broken Mirror

Sometimes the person you’d take a bullet for,  ends up being the one behind the gun. 24 more words


Why the long face?

Stranger: Why the long face?
Woman: Ask my parents.



Vandaag kregen we een presentatie over het schrijven van een column, waarbij je mij al meteen op het puntje van mijn stoel hebt zitten. De presentatie werd gegeven door Henk van Straten, een columnist voor verschillende kranten (Volkskrant, Linda en meer). 268 more words


'Strangers' On The Internet

I’ve been thinking recently about how well we know people on the internet. When I started using the internet (I think I was 13, my family were a bit late to the party haha) I always thought “of course I’m never going to speak to people on the internet, they’re all strangers and have the potential to be serial killers.” Now however I, like many others I think, feel a bit differently. 414 more words