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Tuesday Blues

I find you in my Tuesday blues
A manifestation of the evening mood
It is rather cool out for a summer evening
Good sleeping weather, I suppose… 75 more words


The Abyss

Reaching across the barrier
into the darkness.
Blind to the forces
congregated in the abyss.

Faces emerge
through the obsidian air
but to what they are, 68 more words


Inside Out | The Pixar Movie

Inside Out has been one of the most highly anticipated movie of the year. I’ve been impatiently waiting to watch this film to get a good laugh, but it seems that I never learn – Pixar is best at telling stories in ways that really hit home, leaving its audience with a mixture of warmth and melancholy. 426 more words


Dark Country

The acrid taste of fire greeting the new day
with smoke more dense than before,
and physical pain interspersed by
the weight of life-changes.

The road of life appears to be entering a dark country… 24 more words


a request

We were friends, but I wanted to be more than friends. So I did what friends do. I tried texting you and making plans to hang out, but you were always suspiciously “busy.” Eventually you started ignoring my messages all together. 232 more words


What I Need

You don’t know, what I need.

As I stand, here I bleed.

Feeling empty, finally free.

Finally able to be me.

Feeling slowly comes to me. 40 more words


Alternate Assessment May Be An Option

So in talking to the State Department of Education, I was told that there was not an alternate assessment so if they do not have one how is my child held accountable?   356 more words