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Peace in the Night

A blank page invites. Instills. Inner calm. Endless possibilities.

Just like frog song. Just like the warmth at nightfall, your body gently massaged with sunlight. 425 more words



To be fearless is to lack discouragement

To be fearless is to confront prejudice

To be fearless is to fight a bigger foe no matter the outcome… 126 more words

Thoughts On Life

The Cave of Jewels

Stalagmites take an age to form. Water and gravity are the sculptors. Air, too, has a hand. What’s left behind are the minerals. Like I said, it takes an age to form. 394 more words



One thing we learn in life as we go through our years, is that our bodies are only as good as we maintain them.

Apparently, I have not been doing my job.  714 more words

Thoughts On Life

a thank you note to provo

Dear Provo,

My heart is currently halfway dying at the thought of not getting to see you for four whole months. I’m halfway excited for the rad places I get to spend time in this summer, and the rad people I get to spend time with in those places, but I’ll still miss you until we meet back up again in September. 190 more words

Thoughts On Life

Living Real Life

My life is a gift to me, and I want to share it with others. I have a tough time learning by rules. I learn better by examples. 173 more words


Being Yourself vs. Being Popular

I got the Sublime song “Santeria” stuck in my head last night, so Matt and I watched the music video. I never knew that the lead singer, Bradley Nowell, died of a heroin overdose two months before the release of the album that would make the band famous worldwide and that would go platinum five times over. 638 more words

Thoughts On Life