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A Tale of Two Women

So there was this woman, and she was pretty comfortable. After a decade of moving every few years, she’d been settled in a nice small town for nearly five years. 141 more words

The First 'Kirk Cast' Is Now Live ...

Yeah, last week’s video was too much, in more than one way.

You can still find the link in the next post.

This week less is more … video is less than four minutes. 49 more words


Heart Break

How long can one heart break? How much time is this supposed to take? To forget his eyes? To stop craving his kiss? Why is he the one I miss? 129 more words

Thoughts On Life

The Gift

When I was 8 years old my Mom and I were poor, but regardless happy for the most part.

On occasion she would take me to the Superstore and we would buy Black Cherry cans of pop from the machine (the 50cent no name brand; sometimes grapefruit). 453 more words


The Danger of Being Bilingual

Language is a funny construct. It is the basis for our communication, separated and splintered over the world. There are roughly 6,500 recognized, spoken languages in the world. 713 more words

Thoughts On Life

What's On My (crazy, messy) Mind These Days

Grad school, how I should work out, how I should eat better, how good that giant pancake that I had for breakfast tasted, why I drink coffee when I’m already anxious, whether or not I’m a good writer, how am I almost a senior, why are the seniors leaving, when am I going to blog, when I am going to clean my room, why do I have so much stuff, what does privilege really mean, how are we going to save the world… 367 more words

Thoughts On Life

To Date or Not to Date, That is the Question.

When I left my partner of 24 years 4 months ago, I was looking forward to some ‘me’ time and exploring who I am now I’m single. 584 more words

Thoughts On Life