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A Wallflower Christmas

Rafe Bowman was summoned to England to marry the woman that his father had chosen for him. Rafe will do his duty but then he will meet the companion of the woman he is supposed to marry.

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Scandal in Spring

Daisy Bowman is being forced to wed in two months to a titled gentleman otherwise her father will make her marry is protege, Matthew Swift. Daisy has no desire to marry Matthew who was just like her father.

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It Happened One Autumn

Lillian Bowman was an American who was searching for a titled man for a husband because that was what her parents wanted. She will be surprised when that the man that has her attention is Marcus who is one person she could not stand.

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Secrets of A Summer Night

Annabelle Peyton was desperate to find a suitable husband as her family would soon be on the streets. With the help of three friends they will help her land a husband before the season was over.

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Again the Magic

Lady Aline Marsden had loved one person and one person only but she would never have him again after she had hurt him. She will see him twelve years later and know that he is there for business but also revenge.

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Because You're Mine

Lady Madeline Matthews hatched a plan to get herself out of a marriage to a man who was older than her father. She was set out to ruin herself and knew the perfect man to do the job, Logan Scott.

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Somewhere I'll Find You

Julia Wentworth and Damon Savage had one thing in common, they were married to each other and had no desire to be. Their parents had married them off when they were children and as adults neither were wanting to be saddled with a spouse.

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