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Creed's Honor

Connor Creed is a hardworking rancher who is working on his uncle’s legacy. He will enjoy the work but when his estranged twin brother comes back home he will be angry.

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Shadow Woman

Lizette Henry wakes up one day and realizes that the woman looking back at her is unrecognizable. She will find that flashes of memory were coming back to her.

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Death Angel

Drea Rousseau was living a life she knew would end so she prepared herself. She took enough money that would keep her alive but she was not prepared for the assassin who Rafael Salinas put on her trail.

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A Dangerous Love

Viscount Emilian St. Xavier was a half blood, half English and half Rom. He was stuck in two places where he did not know where he belonged.

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A Game of Chance

Chance Mackenzie had one target in mind but until know that man would stay alive. Chance will get lucky and find the terrorists daughter and use her as bait.

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Kids need fairytales

Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for my two-week absence. Little E’s magical fairyland daycare that I wrote about here turned out to be not a magical fairyland after all, and we found ourselves, extremely suddenly, without childcare. 1,026 more words

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Midnight Warrior

Brynn of Falkhaar was a slave and healer. She will be brought to another man to be her master so that she could heal his warrior.

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