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David's Thought of the Day 81.

No matter how strong or brave you are, or how much you care for other people, sometimes you need to let yourself be the little spoon.

Thoughts Of The Day

Stand in the Light

Light is always its brightest in the darkness. It signifies hope for better things to come in a time of trouble. But we cannot expect better things to just fall at our feet. 77 more words

David's Thought of the day 80.

Is it me, or is the decision to name a brand of wheelchair ‘Karma’ a really odd choice?

Thoughts Of The Day

Helping One Another

Treating each other with kindness, patience and respect forms a beautiful cycle of love. When we help another person, they may not always have the ability to repay us. 81 more words

Thoughts of the Day

To achieve happiness, I believe that gratitude is the key. No matter how big or small it is, always be thankful. When you’re thankful, you will feel lighter and happier. 380 more words



I cannot believe I just spent $26 on a blog… But hey the ex told me to get a hobby so why not start here. I am hoping to find some kind of joy in sharing my thoughts or ideas, etc. 250 more words

Thoughts Of The Day

Pierce Your Bubble

If we look at the sun too long, we are blinded. In the same way, we can easily become too caught up in our life, thoughts and feelings. 102 more words