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Midnight Motivation: Keep Holding On

It’s so discouraging to hit a low point in any aspect of our lives, whether in relationships, in a project, in our work, in our goals, especially when we know we’ve been putting in the effort and time. 136 more words

The Time is Now

I ask myself, when is the time?

That emotional state of limbo.

Is what I’m doing me, from what I state to seek?

The answer is within us, and screams to speak. 22 more words


Thought of the Day: Being Ordinary

As much as there is a pressure to conform, there is also, on the opposite side of the spectrum, an overwhelming need to be original, to be extraordinary, to be unforgettable. 116 more words

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Satisfaction of a List.”

In case anyone was unaware, I watch a lot of television. In this television year alone– Summer ’14 through Summer ’15–I watched/am watching around 40 television shows.

156 more words
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Why I’ve Decided to Scale Back on Social Media and Concentrate on Creating Content

In the early days when I knew no better, I was lead to believe the path to creation began with consumption. My environment lead me to believe, that in order for me to emulate my hero’s I had purchase my way to creativity, in a roundabout way in order to understand myself I had to understand others. 457 more words

Thoughts Of The Day

David's Thought of the Day 79.

If people say something itches when it is getting better, how do I know when my eczema is getting better as it itches all the time?

Thoughts Of The Day

Thought of the Day: Life's Responsibilities

It is both daunting and liberating to think that the world does not owe us anything, yet it lies generously at our feet. We hold the possibilities, the choices and the potential, as long as we’re open to taking them and exploring them. 110 more words