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The Empty Days

These days are empty. Without any purpose or life.

Much like a pebble on a lake side, waiting for someone to pick it up and throw it far away. 33 more words


Where Time Stood Still

Only for a moment was it possible to view something the same exact way as I did when I was a child.

You grow up and see that those boxes aren’t really as heavy as they were when you were little. 209 more words

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Memories Pt. I - The Real Reasons Behind The Dissolution of My Previous Relationship

As a starting memory, I understand that this would probably be seen as something exceptionally personal to write about. And it’s true. Relationships and the end of them is something that a vast majority of the world’s population have been through. 2,096 more words



Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.

This is bullcrap.

Who knew the blog post about the confederate flag…

523 more words
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Why Marriage Equality SUCKS

Please bear with me and don’t judge me by a clickbait headline. There’s enough outrage on the Internet already.

Today the Supreme Court ruled that all people have a Consitutional right to marry, regardless of sexual orientation. 363 more words

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3 Days of Heat

My last post was a guest one titled Guest Post: Mad Dogs and Englishmen. I posted it up on Friday June 19th and came up with ideas for some weekend posts.  310 more words

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Every article that you've ever read about Millennials is wrong. A rant.

I read the news every day. And every day, there are more articles about Millennials. It really disappoints me to see articles about “Millennials.” I often think, “Ooh, what does this credible news publication think about my generation?” so I end up reading a lot of these articles out of curiosity. 775 more words

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