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H is for Happiness

Below are 100 things that make me happy…

Good hair days

Cuddling whilst watching movies

Epic movie scores & soundtracks


Sending & receiving love letters… 277 more words


The Key to the Door Behind

Today’s task at Blogging U. is to write about the three most important songs in my life. There have already been lots of songs shared on my blog, either as a supporting feature for a story of mine, or in the centre of a certain blog post. 404 more words


Patton Oswalt writes a short essay about how people get so offended by everything; then all of the Internet proceeds to prove him right by getting offended by it.

It’s big news today that the lovable, baby-faced comedian/actor/nerd Patton Oswalt wrote a “Twitter rant” about how much people get outraged by arbitrary things. Read that rant here. 790 more words

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Master Gone Day 1

Master has gone on a six week vacation and he left this morning. It was good to receive an email from him this morning, yet it pulled at me. 559 more words

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obeast face-in-the-hole

This past weekend I hosted a 24 hour MOCS exhibit at Golden Belt in Durham NC, and it was a blast! Plus because GB is a different sort of venue for MOCS, it allowed me to try some ideas out- namely as many interactive components and performances as I could coordinate without sleep! 35 more words

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30 Days of Submission: Question 8-11

Well it is a good thing I do not have to write these down every single day, otherwise I would have failed long ago…as you can tell I don’t blog every day, but have been trying to blog ore often :) 431 more words

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