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The Roommate Chronicles...

13 days, I have 13 days to endure, 13 days and all I have to do it not snap, not throw the microwave at anyone’s head, not cut holes in all their clothes and smear dog crap on their pillows. 632 more words

Thoughts And Ramblings

Dreams Never End

Just in case you are wondering what this is all about, I just set up a new blog. I deliberated on new titles that would somehow relate to my main blog here, something which is just as easy to remember as this one. 372 more words


Gotta Let It Go

I learnt that letting go probably isn’t an overnight thing. it may take
months and years to let go or forget about someone. The memories of love, pain and… 175 more words


What I learnt as a kid

Can you even recall that? I was randomly generating topics to write/ share about. I have very vague memories about my childhood, most of them were in bits and pieces. 411 more words

Thoughts And Ramblings

Oh My (This Is Crazy)

Allow me to rant a little.  I am trying to avoid stress but this makes my head ache. Two years ago, my immediate neighbor (our properties are divided by a fire wall and since our house is on a corner lot, it is the only house next to us) decided to have a second floor of their house. 605 more words


What are We Doing Next Week?

“What are we doing next week, Miss?”

This spring I have been substitute teaching in a number of schools across the City district. I am most frequently in one classroom for one day, and then a new classroom for one day, and so on. 521 more words

Thoughts And Ramblings

Mates and Dates

Its funny how friendships can develop. One day, you are strangers- the next- you are having conversations about any and everything. Its almost instantaneous.

But how do you get from the mate to the date stage? 457 more words