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The Fifth Dimension?


 Human Nature is unique to each individual. It governs emotions and learning by a function of the brain connecting genetic and cultural development. Our senses give us the impression that we are conscious of everything around us yet we are unaware of most of the energy fields which surround and impinge upon us.   3,476 more words


Cyrodiil: The Performance Problems

As much as I like Elder Scrolls Online and think it is a very fun game, I cannot claim it is without flaws. These flaws are huge performance issues that mainly affect Cyrodiil, but have actually been starting to affect PVE zones, according to the ESO forums. 233 more words

Elder Scrolls Online

Dark Anchors/Dolmens

Something in ESO that I really enjoy are Dark Anchors, also known as Dolmens. These are portals used by Molag Bal’s servants to summon a variety of Daedra and Dremora that players can fight. 76 more words

Elder Scrolls Online

Fashion Inspiration War sparked over native design at New York fashion week 


Controversy has been sparked this week over a native design featured in a fashion runaway release causing an inspiration feud between the brand and another designer claiming that her design had been robbed. 364 more words


This Woman's Opinion

Ladies, please lend me your ears
as I've been silent now for years
about the rights of women!
I'll have you know I feel offended
if an entire day intended
to shine the light on women's issues
halts a whole economy
just so the world can clearly see
that I am, in fact, not equal! 164 more words
Attempts At Poetry

Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame

Amazing talk on online shaming and bullying by Monica Lewinsky. She has my admiration for putting herself out there for public again and for making great speech!

Steal Some Time for Yourself

We all love being pampered. As kids we had our parents grooming with the cutest hairstyle and latest fashion dresses. As we grew up took charge of it- from the latest trend in hair colour to the highest in heels, from putting a fifth stud to getting tailor made outfits in tune with the latest trend, we have tried it all. 776 more words