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Right now, I have no idea what am I write or compose a melody, a remix, or a pop song. I’m just thinking about my beloved pet dog died, my high school best friends who are into separate ways, finishing my internship, and mostly (or generally) my mid-life crisis. 163 more words

Thoughts And Opinions

The Ultimate Supply List

I think it was last week that I shared my thoughts on the perfect sewing machine for piecing.  Things get a little confusing this time of year–Night is day, and well, there is no night. 904 more words

My Process-Quilts

Dickens and the French Revolution

Reading “A Tale of Two Cities” is incredibly interesting because whilst Dickens sympathises with the poor, these sympathies are only there to a point. He condemns the excess actions of the revolutionaries, the mob madness that sets in. 120 more words

A Tale Of Two Cities

Badass Unicorns

In a couple of weeks, I leave a great team and company, for an even better team and company.  Let’s just say, all the sweat and tears the past couple of years, trying to get out of an industry I thought I’d be stuck in forever, is now paying off.   9 more words


Social media is the devil, but I am trapped here anyway.

I am probably headed down the rabbit hole here, but for better or for worse, I am expanding my social media repertoire.

Facebook Page

Tumblr… 80 more words



Unintentionally that is… as I strolled around Wakehurst Place on Saturday, I came across this beautiful little bit of garden.  I loved how the flowers stood tall and I loved how you could sit and admire such beauty.   35 more words


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Is the Customer Always Right? (A Reaction)

As a homework in marketing class, we would have to make a reaction paper on the question, “Is the customer always right?”.  I would like to share my insights and reaction to this. 290 more words

Thoughts And Opinions