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Further scientific evidence of Intelligent design of the Universe?

What caused the chemical elements that exist as we now know them?

What class of laws can convert simple states of matter into such complex final states with the efficiency that works in this universe? 1,521 more words


Free Write Friday: #2 - In a hole in the ground...

“In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.” — J.R.R. Tolkien

Yes, we all know that story. It is one that I love very much. 356 more words

Thoughts And Opinions

Concerning the continuing existence of prevalent religions.

There is so much more to reality than the narrowed consciousness is capable of recognizing but as our consciousness expands we will slowly begin to recognize the manifestation of a much larger consciousness that each of us possesses but is unable to awaken by our will power or by reasoning. 2,127 more words

Spiritual Transformation

Perceptions and Enigmas

Let me start today’s entry with a question:
Is turquoise more blue or more green?

This random question led to a whole full-blown debate and ended with a draw: mathematically, we theorised, it is more blue than green, since turquoise is made from green and blue mixed together, so the proportion of blue is higher at 2/3. 613 more words


My Thoughts on Insurgent (the Movie)

Yesterday I went to the theater and saw Insurgent. Overall I thought it was a good movie. There were inaccuracies, as there are with all book to movie adaptations. 100 more words


Latest Video: PVP and Babbling with Jinx

I think I may make this a weekly thing: videos of me PVPing in Cyrodiil while talking about going-ons in game, my thoughts about things in the game, etc. 52 more words

Elder Scrolls Online

Biologically Made

I watch him sleep and wish that I 
could still his fitful dreams
and smooth away his feared rejection
by the one who once ejaculated 
and then considered his job done; his part played,
not knowing when he left, what stayed
was constant uncertainty of worth 
and the doubt of love's existence;
unfounded questioning of his right to live
Feeling half-wanted; half-chosen to be,
he forever gropes at the slightest flicker
of another potential disappointment
from a half-man undeserving of a name
who will not give a slice of bread,
but demands obedience and respect
on the very odd occasion
that he remembers his moment of carnal pleasure
and a child that carries his name
Attempts At Poetry