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Improving Skill

Hiya again ^^/

This time I wanted to write something I’ve noticed throughout the last few days. Since I wanna prove a point and show that even with a crappy instrument you can be an amazing musician then I’ve been practicing every single day. 244 more words

Everyday Adventures

Grammar, Grammar, Grammar...

So I want to write about something I noticed while I was at work.

People can’t speak proper Estonian… Like wtf… If you live in a country you should at least use proper grammar. 188 more words

Everyday Adventures

always classy

Do you ever wish you were Audrey Hepburn/Taylor Swift


Audrey Hepburn

Taking a Break

The other day I was having a discussion with a coworker about how kids at her school had been asked by an administrator to put down their phones during a graduation ceremony and try to just be there in that moment and experience what was going on so that they could have those memories for themselves. 145 more words

Thoughts And Feelings


My sweet little Annabelle Leigh,

I’m sorry I haven’t written for some time now, but know that you are constantly on my mind. Momma started a new business venture, and she is, so far, doing a wonderful job at it. 269 more words

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When Pleasure Fails

Dr. Scott Baum, in his paper “When Love Avails Not” has written about anhedonia in the person whose mistreatment at the hands of others has resulted in the death (and dearth) of love.   1,097 more words

Thoughts And Feelings

Moving at the speed of life

As I sit here writing another entry, I begin to assess all that’s happened to me and in the world since my previous entry. Life has a way of shifting gears like that of a rookie driver learning stick for the first time – jerky & awkward, with a vague, fleeting sense of control. 668 more words