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To my son

To that little boy who will call me mom 8 years from now, I hope to feel your warmth.

To that little boy who will call me mom, I can’t wait for you to enter this world. 153 more words

Creative Writing: eyes are the window to the soul.

If they are painted, keep them shut.

Eyes are said to be the most expressive part of the human face, and of course I get why they tend to be described as more important than other human features. 666 more words


Words that will remain

Once we all are gone

and nothing treads this space

Only thing that shall exist beyond

the words that will remain.

Nothing to accompany them, 14 more words


Senior year.

The first one and a half weeks into my last semester in school and I’m already hoping for divine intervention.

But at the very least, I’m surrounded by people that give me something to laugh at and about. 262 more words


All I feel is lost

I want that candy
That one which I couldn’t have when I was a child, though it was handy

I want that fun
That I missed in the sun… 87 more words


So Not All About that Bass

I think there is a lot of ways to interpret the song “All About that Bass”  by Meghan Trainor. I think the song is catchy and she has a great voice, but that is about as far as my liking goes concerning this song. 945 more words


“people who smile or laugh a lot are people who are hiding pain and/or sadness”

Do you ever think that some people who are too negative or always open about the pain or sadness they feel are actually happier?

24 more words