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The Seemingly Silent and Book-Spoiled Night Owl

Five blogs, four years, none of which I readily liked. So here’s to hoping that this will be my last.

I can’t even remember the last time I’ve written, I mean actually written and I’m not so sure I still have it in me to perfectly elaborate the random thoughts that go popping in my head into sensible phrases of “well-thought-of” words. 205 more words

The Odd Life Of Trista

Digital habits and dating

I went on a date the other day. It was a first one with someone I have known for a long while but we didn’t really have a chance (or an excuse) to sit down for a nice talk. 1,099 more words

English Posts

New Platform

Hello! I changed blogging platforms and I hope that my fickle mindedness will not make me want to switch to a new one. To make things clear I would like to point out that: 352 more words

New Blogger

OMG! I should, like totally start a blog....

Oh, I did, like five years ago. I wonder if it’s still there?


Life as a Nurse

I have now been working as a Registered Nurse for six weeks. I have just finished my orientation and from next week I will take on my own patient load. 106 more words


Perfectionism is not OCD

It agitates me when people say “Ooh, I’m a bit OCD because I don’t like windows being too far apart,” or something of that sort. 166 more words


To Myself

I have so many passionate conversations in my own head that never make it out into the real world. Sometimes I can’t remember if I’ve said them aloud or not. 65 more words