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Some days are dark, sometimes empty.


Nothing Comes Easy

Ugh! What a life!

There’s alot of questions in my mind. I keep asking myself what to feel about it. Am I right to feel bad about it? 532 more words


A Troubling Thought

There are moments when the world’s edges simply smooth out, and make way for a transient intersection of chance and euphoria. And for a sliver of a second, you feel connected and untethered at the same time. 119 more words


A Pull

When? I think—I think it was the day I noticed his vague presence:
He was walking alone, in his calm, soft way, and the look on his face, I—I couldn’t help but think— 31 more words


holding on


a sparkle of light

feelings spoken without words

kept forever close




Magnets or Postcards?

When was the last time you sent or received a postcard? Do you buy souvenir magnets instead of postcards?

When I travel, I like to buy some postcards for myself. 118 more words


Why It’s Good for You to Write with Shoes on

Probably this post’s title doesn’t make much sense but then nothing does when you’re writing for eleven or twelve hours a day, sleeping for approximately three, that is, if your freaked-out mind feels like granting you permission, and finding yourself absolutely terrified (read: scared shitless) at your newly discovered, wholly unprecedented, Stephen-King-level-approaching powers of producing a passionate average of 3,000 to 4,000 words per spell of work. 1,164 more words

Dimitris Melicertes