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Come aliveĀ 

Stop asking yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive, because what the world needs are men who have come alive. 89 more words



It’s been a week and I think it’s time to remove the “blog every day” from my daily to-do list. Plain and simple, I just lack the things that would make that possible. 399 more words



“If you don’t act on your dreams, they are merely hallucinations.”

One of my teachers told me this a while back.

I’ve been thinking on this in the last few weeks since I’ve been listening to some teaching on dreaming. 141 more words


Gloomy discovery

Something really painful struk upon me lately. I don’t know my soft spot. And I am afraid to find out I don’t have one. 141 more words



Pretty soon the goodbyes will happen
Pretty soon the curtains will close
I’ll breakdown again
The show will end, like always…

Pretty soon you’ll forget me… 43 more words


Cold Sweats, Bad Dreams

I had a terrible nightmare and it woke me up. Now it is 2AM and I have to be up at 9AM to work until 7PM. 489 more words


Friday Favourites #1

Lots of blogs like alliterating things to create themes – I know I do. This means that a “Friday Favourites” post is a perfect fit! Here is a list of five things from this week which I found awesome. 85 more words