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self written poem

I love food.

I love books, treats and sweets

I love praise, and good grades

I love quotes, jokes and colourful notes,

I love the sharp smell of the cold, when it freshly snowed… 236 more words


A little

Unsure and confused thats what Im feeling right now. You were me and I was you but who are you? What a surprise it was a delight and you are right. 126 more words


How to Stay Out of the Friend Zone

A friend of mine recently rehashed a discussion he had with someone else about the “Friend Zone”. Hmmm what is the “Friend Zone” you ask? The Friend Zone is when a person you are romantically interested in place you in the box of “just a friend”. 433 more words


My Soul

The soul of mine is caged

In the prison

As its wings have vanished

And the sea inside my chest

Is turning into a storm… 141 more words



(Just a little me across the screen….)

I’ve tried just lately I’ve tried….
Everytime I get that pull, that urg…. The only way I can think to describe it, is it’s like taking a knife to my veins and letting it all bleed out…. 478 more words


7/7: In Memoriam

It has been ten years since a group of suicide bombers coordinated a series of attacks across the London transport system during the morning rush hour, killing fifty-two people and injuring over seven hundred. 299 more words


My First

Recently I’ve found that writing on this blog and publishing what I’m feeling is helping me heal. So, as I lay in bed at 1:30am trying to get myself to fall asleep, I’ve decided to simply type out what’s in my head that’s been keeping me up for weeks now. 1,149 more words