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to give to drink


and her tongue

was dry

for they would not

spare her

a drop

of water

because the life

she lived

was one of… 84 more words


Dear Abby

Reading Dear Abby has been part of my daily newspaper ritual for decades. Certain themes emerge over and over again. Here are five I’ve seen repeated many times, followed by my observations: 221 more words


Robbed by theo kazas employee of golddiggers club London part 2

87 views the other day? what on earth happened? it’s a little disconcerting, but it may well be a good thing. who knows? whatever it is, i’m rolling with it. 687 more words

True Story

Loss Affects the Heart And Soul.

She walked along the great sea-shore

Of Life with head bowed low in shame

And wished that she could once again

Recall the pleasure of your name. 119 more words

It's Not The Incident, It's The Thoughtlessness

One should really learn about this;

Oftentimes, it’s not the incident that makes someone’s heart floods with resentment, it is the incredible thoughtlessness and boorishness… 298 more words



Bishop J.C. Ryle:

“Another real danger to young men is thoughtlessness and lack of consideration. Lack of thought is one simple reason why thousands of souls are cast away forever.

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