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Blessings that become burdens

There are many things in life that are supposed to bring happiness but actually become burdensome: like the proverbial mother of the bride, who takes what was supposed to be the most wonderful day of her daughter’s life and turns it into a tension-filled ordeal; or the initiation ceremonies which were supposed to give newcomers a sense of being received into an exclusive band of brothers, but which, with the passage of time, have become ordeals that humiliate the victims and brutalize the perpetrators. 56 more words


Caught in the Act: The Problem with Automatic Pilot

Pattern recognition plays a fundamental and critical role in our ability to learn. Recognizing that a particular set of letters, ordered a particular way, teaches us to identify words and their attached definition. 1,095 more words


Time has slowed it’s earthy pace
I lost myself in mist and daze
My mind enters a state of trance
When silence gets its worthy chance

Quote of the Day: Buddha

“Earnestness is the path of immortality,
thoughtlessness the path of death.
Those who are in earnest do not die,
those who are thoughtless are as if dead already.” 88 more words



Thomas and his double double
with Thor the terrier
take the air
and admire nature
from the path
tossing his disposable cup into the weeds. 72 more words


Healing your mind by thinking better is like cleaning the environment by driving better

Sure there are plenty of improvements to be made.

  • I could buy a better car, even an electric one.
  • I may choose a better route with less idling.
  • 637 more words


I braked the car just shy of the entering lane of traffic, waiting for a lady to back out so I could park in her space. 1,007 more words

A Nation Divided