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Thoughts for Friday - 3rd July 2015

I rather left you all hanging at the end of last week’s Thoughts post, didn’t I?

How mean of me to tease you with my wares and then snatch them away at the last moment, but hey, I have to give you some sort of reason to come back each week… 994 more words

Aspiring Writer

Why History Needs You

We have always felt the need for objective history. But history needs us too, so that it stays the way it is- intact and uncontaminated from erratic influences. 329 more words

Common History

“Until we have seen someone’s darkness, we don’t really know who they are. Until we have forgiven someone’s darkness, we don’t really know what love is.”

― Marianne Williamson ―


Life's Strangest Mystery

Gravity has let me down,

Because I’m falling up,

And I’m floating away.

And I can’t even hardly see the ground,

But I don’t even see… 117 more words



Attendre, avoir peur d’avancer, ne jamais rien faire. Attention à ne pas faire du sur place toute votre vie./ Waiting, being afraid of mowing forward, never doing anything. 

20 more words

Memilih Peran

Berangkatlah kamu baik dalam keadaan merasa ringan maupun berat, dan berjihadlah kamu dengan harta dan dirimu di jalan Allah. Yang demikian itu adalah lebih baik bagimu, jika kamu mengetahui.

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library ramblings

some things are hard to describe: the smell of old books, the sensation that overcomes me every time I step into the library. it is a place that is ever-changing; books pasted over with fresh alphabet stickers, slotted into age-old shelves which have seen their share of titles come and go. 207 more words