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I’m not to big on self promotion. I used to be convinced this was self esteem issue but upon closer inspection I’ve come to realize that I’ve always been pretty confident in my skill and capability – almost to the point of maniacal egotism. 337 more words

Sally Vusi

A rational view on emotion !

I learned something today. Something about myself, something about my world and more importantly something about those whom I consider close to me.

A friend and I sat for coffee and stumbled into a hot debate. 412 more words

Lucky dash Unlucky

When you think that your world is set and nothing can break it, everything collapse just in the blink of an eye.

I have planned everything from the start to the end. 69 more words

Just A Maybe


And then, the pen became her sword while the words, her armour. It was her against the world. Each cut bled a story untold, beautifully unraveling the mysteries she carried inside her delicate soul.


Art of Noise

Noise is usually annoying. But I see noise as an art. If it is grouped together in a meaningful theme, it will be the most beautiful art. 90 more words


If you thought...

If you thought you knew him

he could be read like a book

Seeing is believing baby

turn the page –

take a look

If you thought you loved him…

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Kait King

Words Left Unsaid

the things i most regret…

We never know what life will bring,

Or where it will lead us,

Or if tomorrow will ever come.

But wherever your path may lead, 34 more words