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Today – Yoda teaches the Padawan how to build house!

Yoda (Y): So, my young padawan – let us say that it is your extreme desire to build a house – how might we accomplish that? 1,254 more words

Destination - Unknown 

I feel like I’m in serious danger of crossing into the unknown yet again.

My emotions change by the hour, it used to be daily or on an A.M/P.M basis. 552 more words

It's 2015: No More Duck Face


The Duck Face is still not cute!

It is bad enough tweens have access to social media sites plastering these “selfies” all over the internet, but when I see friends of mine – and friends of friends of mine – in their late 20s to early 40s post about twenty pictures of the same pose with the same ridiculously pursed lips, I cringe. 54 more words


Watch This! - Too Much Sugar is NOT healthy to Your Brain.

To be very short,

1. Sugar will activate the reward system in your brain.

2. Dopamine will kill you to keep hunting for more sugar as reward. 43 more words


I thought

Only know you love her when you let her go… And you let her go.

So I thought I stood a chance.
I thought I could be content with vicinity. 40 more words

Clock Dyslexia

Do you ever get confused when you look at an analog clock?

For me, I look at it and I just go blank.
The numbers blur and the hands just make me dizzy. 218 more words