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I have wrote about this in the start of my blog. I feel that I have done a poor job of explaining it.

The essential thing I wanted to express in the past post was if we think about the start of the universe. 186 more words


Dogs Prefer Petting To Praise

Not only did the dogs spend more time with the person doing the petting, they did so even when it was their owner doing the praising, and a stranger doing the petting.

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As Christians we represent Christ. If we can’t be trusted that tells the world that our God can’t be trusted. #AreYouAGoodWitness?
– M. Goodman -


It's All In Your Head

It’s All in Your Head
Life can seem to be so difficult, that’s why it’s easy to underestimate the power of the mind.
 -Thoughts become things. 952 more words

Lost Thoughts

What about me? What about the rest of us? Are we just to be left hanging?

I thought with pleasure for a moment in my bed how those questions ever crossed my mind, I mean lately they bothering me many times, enough, that I can’t sleep at night.

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#122 ~ Quote of the Day - THOUGHT

Repeated lack of direction can only produce an average life.

– Raymond Charles Barker – (YAI)

You determine your experience. You direct Life to produce what it is you want to experience.

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Quote Of The Day

A luxury for Generation Y: Part 2.

Reinventing the age old relationship between master and servant.

‘….another hobby Churchill indulged in was, oddly enough, bricklaying. Having bought his family home (Chartwell) in 1922, he spent the next two years totally rebuilding and expanding it, using his own two hands to construct several of the new buildings and the garden wall. 534 more words