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March 30th 2015: Thought of the Day

It is no surprise that such a profound statements comes from one of the most accomplished literary figures of all time. Shakespeare’s works are teaming with so many golden nuggets but this quote is one of my favourites. 221 more words

Thought Of The Day

Every Action

You know what I find crazy? The fact that every major and minor decision you make has led you to exactly where you are right now. 109 more words

Koyi Neq Kaam Hi Karlei.!!

Dost bann ke Yaqeen Todne walon se to acha hai “Sagar“.!

Jab tak hai Jaan Khud se Dosti aur Koyi Neq Kaam karle.!! 

Thought Of The Day

Don’t begin the journey alone, take the hope along with you.

Peace & Love
– Pratik Akkawar

Pratik Akkawar

Thought of the day...

Be with someone that makes you happy.
We should smile more often because of who we are.
We should expect less from others.
Never change who you are to make someone else happy. 15 more words

Love Yourself

March 29th 2015: Thought of the Day

If you have been following the NCAA tournament at all you will most likely instantly recognize the picture above. It is Yanick Moreira going up to attempt to grab the rebound from… 390 more words