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Seeing with Easter Eyes

26 April 2015

how often do we judge others or just right them off because a single event or occurrence?

The cross and the rising of Jesus give us an imperative that we look with Easter eyes at people and places. 30 more words

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Not True

“There is never any way to know what is true and what is not. But sometimes, if you can keep your wits about you, you can identify what can’t be true.” -Bill Bonner

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What happens when you change your perspective?

This quote is such a powerful reminder of how our perspective create our experience with life, situations, relationships, work, and most everything else.  What would happen if we truly changed our perspective when we were faced with challenges or stressful situations? 218 more words

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25 April 2015

The Annual Parish Meeting and a noticer speaks.

The work of the caretaker is an Easter task.

He guides and brews tea and directs toward the clergy. 25 more words

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Geezer challenges

This is my new ‘mouse.’ I use it with my new Imac. I’ve had to learn a whole lot of new motions in order to move my cursor around, choose things, delete things, move things, etc. 246 more words


Easter Happenings.

23 April 2015

He sleeps on the streets and in the church at a push when raining.

People notice.

He is missing for a couple of months. 50 more words

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Just Caring

24 April 2015

Noticing others is a gift, noticing their absence is even more so.

A solace finder has not occupied the space in a long time. 41 more words

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