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Hello world!

Let me start off my clarifying something.  We are NOT Thots!!  But much like most of you, we have some “Thot thoughts” (and to be honest we have some Thot actions..LOL) This blog was created because the three of us come from three different stages of a woman’s life. 72 more words


Nice and good things, continued

A few months ago, I wrote a list of awesome things to counteract the spirits of despair, bad backs, sore necks, and old-person feet. Things are better and worse; but rather than recite another, slightly revised, litany of aches and pains, I’ll skip to my ever-growing… 277 more words

Fuck Boy: An Original Poem.

The party isn’t over until he’s ready to go home

Although he might not aim high, he rarely sleeps alone.

He doesn’t make promises, he’ll never tell a lie… 276 more words


CashFlow Harlem - Ladies Vs Thots

Published on Jun 20, 2015

CashFlow Harlem – Ladies Vs Thots (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)


Failure Builds Character

A little dissent is good, especially when standing up for the right thing. A failure or two is good, especially if it teaches one to be resilient to disappointments. 123 more words


Marvelous apples

I’m not generally one for reading in bed, but some books simply can’t be got at any other way. One such book is Gervase Markham’s… 974 more words