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Over the Top

At some point, it is bound to catch up with me. After all, I am a few years beyond ten now.

Still, once those theme park gates swing open, you would be hard pressed to find a bigger kid than me. 542 more words


This is a late post.....Monday Meal #3

This was supposed to be published yesterday, but guess what I was too busy making the most of our long weekend!! Yesterday, I spent most part of my day..spinning my head upside down (literally).   162 more words

30 Days Blogging Challenge

airplane timelines } ba156 london to kuwait } april 2, 2015

I haven’t posted in ages, I know. But this is the first real chance I get to do it. So I have so much to catch up on.  401 more words


Thorpe Park - the I'm A Celebrity Maze launch night

I love Thorpe Park. I’ve been a rollercoaster junkie ever since I went to Florida when I was about nine. Thorpe Park is the theme park I’ve been to the most, and I have many happy memories of standing in sweltering queues or, better, running round and round the empty queue section of Nemesis Inferno with my brother just before closing time when everyone else had already given up. 626 more words


Thorpe Park

To avoid all the school kids and the huge queues, me and my boyfriend both booked a day off to go and visit Thorpe Park. Unfortunately for us, the day before the Easter holidays apparently seems to be a popular day for school trips, so where the queues weren’t as bad as they could have been, we still found ourselves queuing for some of the bigger rides. 335 more words

London Life

Nostalgia - Day of Inspiration

Whenever nostalgia hits, we always remember those memories that either make us cringe, or smile. Sometimes they are so powerful, we are reminded of the exact events that happened at that particular time. 377 more words


The Second portion of our look at the Shoot the Chute water ride.

O.D. Hopkins

In 1986, Six Flags purchased the first two O.D. Hopkins Shoot the Chutes. Standing 50 feet tall, the ride was similar boat wise to Intamin, but active lap bars were retained for all installations. 1,883 more words