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Wildflower Wednesday

“In wildness is the preservation of the world” – Henry David Thoreau

Seven Islands State Bird Park is a Tennessee state park on the French Broad River. 39 more words


Thoreau for your Tuesday...

Nature doth thus kindly heal every wound.By the mediation of a thousand little mosses and fungi, the most unsightly objects become radiant of beauty.There seem to be two sides of this world, presented us at different times, as we see things in growth or dissolution, in life or death.for seen with the eye of the poet, as God sees them, all things are alive ans beautiful; but seen with the historical eye, or eye of the memory, they are dead and offensive.If we see Nature as pausing, immediately  all mortifies and decays; but seen as progressing, she is beautiful.March 13,1842.



The Sacrament of Every Day Life

There is a myth that has permeated church culture. This myth originated from an artificial break in the natural and the supernatural. German theologians and philosophers sought to remove the mystical from the normal so as to distance God from one’s every day life and happenings. 471 more words


A Ton of Work...Literally

A few days after our sinking episode, we called a gravel truck. The problem: because the clay was so soft, he couldn’t gradually release the rock so that it spread evenly. 308 more words

I want to live deliberately

My hands are sore – but I have my life;

My eyesight has diminished – but I have my life;

My Achilles tendons are tight – but I have my life. 120 more words


Birthday Boy

My grandson turns 14 today. We celebrated it last weekend by going fishing at his favorite water hole.

He has become very adept at catching the first fish of the day as well as more than anyone else.   54 more words

Family & Friends

Life, Destruction, and Incidental Use

“A pine cut down, a dead pine, is no more a pine than a dead human carcass is a man. Can he who has discovered only some of the values of whalebone and whale oil be said to have discovered the true use of the whale?

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