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Tomas V.S Pony

So one day, my brother would NOT leave me alone while I was play with my My Little Pony toys. So I finally gave in and I got out his Thomas the Train sets and and kinda sorta hooked them up and we play ponys and trains, where the trains took the pony’s to their jobs. 17 more words

My Little Pony

2150407 Topnotch Look of Thomas The Train for Ratu

Assalammualaikum wrwb,

Happy Friday sabahat2 cantik semua….Jum’at is always the best day ! Semoga Allah membaikkan niat hati kita, membaikkan lisan kita, membaikkan segala usaha dan setiap langkah kita Jum’at ini dan selanjutnya…Amin YRA. 473 more words


The Monty Python version of Thomas the Train

“I am Thomas. Mommy, you are Victor. Do the Victor voice,”says Peanut.

“Okay, Thomas, my friend.”

“Dad, you be Kevin!”

I start laughing, because Kevin is the adolescent crane hook who keeps dropping things and calls Victor “boss.” Liam can make his voice crack rather convincingly when calling me Boss, and sounds a bit like the Knights who say “Ni.” 42 more words


getting our Thomas on

It’s been really difficult for me to suck it up and publish something tonight. I’ve been having continuous headaches, lasting all day long, for about three weeks now. 271 more words


Things I learned in December 2014:

Since December is full of big events at our house- two birthdays and Christmas- this blog post is chock-full of photos.  Enjoy!

1. Pam and I managed to make some really cute Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcakes for Sam’s birthday.   455 more words

Things For Today