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My participation was requested by kneal1 to write a poem about Beauty in 10 sentences, ending with my favorite quote about beauty.

Beauty on my car as dew, my hand missing bird shit…

82 more words

the glitter is, and always will be, you.

We would be standing somewhere, perhaps outside a store or in the middle of a park, and people would be walking past. No one would notice us at first. 340 more words

Give me GOALS - This is for You

It’s such a wonderful time of year for reassessing everything we do.

This year DO IT! Don’t talk about it, or wish it, or think it, or postpone it! 70 more words


This One is for the Writers.

This one’s for the writers.

The ones whose lyrics get sung and faces never get seen.The ones who ghost write for our Presidents and our social leaders, but who never get to see the light. 661 more words

Random Thoughts

I’ve never seen the northern lights
but I know for sure
they don’t shine like your eyes
when you look at me
because nothing in this world… 8 more words

In The Spotlight: Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan is een paper-genius! Hij maakt prachtige snijwerken van papier. Zijn werk staat op servies, sieraden, kleding en kaarten. En uiteraard, ook op papier; je kunt bijvoorbeeld prints van zijn werk kopen, maar er zijn ook boeken. 92 more words


If all everyone wants is love, why do we keep running away from it?

This is for you. You should know who you are. You’ll read through these paragraphs and nod your head thinking, “She was thinking of me. She was writing for me.” And you will be right. 368 more words