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SaulPaul Produces Music for and STARS IN Honey Bunches of Oats COMMERCIAL

SaulPaul’s This Is For You song serves as the soundtrack for a new global Honey Bunches of Oats campaign. They wanted a song to celebrate their employees and fans and since it’s no secret that SaulPaul has become a go-to songwriter for major brands like the NFL and Johnson & Johnson, it was a natural fit for SaulPaul to create the fun, danceable song they desired. 77 more words


Hello this is for you - Because sharin' is carin'


The main things:

I’m Victoria – the same one mentioned in the WordPress address – an 18 yr. old Sixth Form student based in London. 235 more words

This Is For You

This Is For you

The cloudy sky is shielding the white light from me,
I’m so afraid to want anything but the Moon,
because my heart is foolish with the make-believe, 370 more words


Paging Dr. Puppy-eyes

Sometimes I feel like total and utter crap. Like I could destroy the whole world and cry a river in the same day.
I always get over these periods, I put my big girl pants on and punch my pain in the face. 244 more words



My participation was requested by kneal1 to write a poem about Beauty in 10 sentences, ending with my favorite quote about beauty.

Beauty on my car as dew, my hand missing bird shit…

82 more words

the glitter is, and always will be, you.

We would be standing somewhere, perhaps outside a store or in the middle of a park, and people would be walking past. No one would notice us at first. 340 more words

Give me GOALS - This is for You

It’s such a wonderful time of year for reassessing everything we do.

This year DO IT! Don’t talk about it, or wish it, or think it, or postpone it! 70 more words