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What. The. Fuck. 

You know? Becoming an adult was something that was supposed to be a gradual experience. I never thought it was gonna smack me up side the head & say “Hey! 290 more words

DP: Plead the Fifth

What question do you hate to be asked? Why?

I HATE being asked when my husband and I are going to have children.  I understand that it is a natural progression we have been married almost 6 years, together almost 13, but we are unsure about wanting children for a plethora of reasons.   163 more words


The longing

Two weeks ago, on a Thursday morning I woke up to the news that my sister was deteriorating and that there was nothing more that doctors could do for her. 333 more words

To the next 35

Monday the 9th of Feb, I turned 35, and this is my birthday poem


I have reached the halfway mark

That point where growing up gives way to growing old… 424 more words

It's Friday!

On this Friday morning I will bitch, just a little though. At my job I have a co-worker who thinks she is better than me because she has a master’s degree. 136 more words


So that's adulthood, huh?!

This morning I stared at myself in the mirror after a fairly decent night of sleep (hey, only woke up once from stabbing pain in my side (thank you work-out last night, must have pulled a muscle while I was on THE FRIGGIN ELLIPTICAL…). 336 more words

Professional Life

Thirty-something and Getting There...

When I recently met up with a longtime friend whom I had first met in my teens, we both decided that, “Hey, thirty-something isn’t so old after all. 226 more words

Sound Spirit