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My daughter is mentally ill, just like her mother. This morning she had an appointment with her therapist. She likes to go and likes her therapist. 175 more words


Maintenance mode

This July will be the 2 year anniversary of my VSG. I am currently in what is called maintenance mode. This means all the weight has been lost and now I just have to keep it off. 171 more words


The Quarter (Love) Life Crisis

May mga taong minsan ay walang pakundangan kung magtanong. Pero may point din naman sila. Pero puwede naman na walang pakialaman na lang diba?

Twenty five ka na single ka pa din? 808 more words


It shall be well . . .

Until I reached the office today, I hadn’t realised that as of today, we only had 9 days to go till the end of April. In exactly 9 days’ time, a third, a whole 1/3 of the year 2015 as we know it will be gone, done, finished, and never to be experienced again in the earth’s history. 383 more words

Hey There!


I’m trying to keep up with this blog thing.. again.  Trying to express my feelings instead of going into therapy because frankly– I don’t want to go into therapy. 37 more words


Under the Roast: "He wasn't flirting with me, he's thirty-something"

Have you heard the expression ‘under the roses’? The rose is an ancient symbol for secrecy. So whatever is ‘under the roses’ means it is private, personal, and therefore should not be divulged. 491 more words


New Feature: Portrait of a Thirtysomething

We’re thrilled to announce that today we’re launching a new weekly interview series: Portrait of a Thirtysomething. We will ask our invited guest (who will be in her/his 30s, obviously!) questions about their life and what the decade means to them. 495 more words