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10 Primary Cognitive Distortions (negative Thinking Styles)

Cognitive distortion forms the backbone of PTSD. Whether you know it or not, all moods and behavioral patterns originate from your cognitions– your thoughts. The first thing that happens is a thought, and then a mood or behavior occurs. 55 more words


I live alone, I make decisions alone, I work alone, spend most of my time alone. I rarely feel lonely and if I do, I acknowledge the feeling as a sign that I could probably do with seeing someone close to me for a chat and perhaps a hug. 771 more words


Systems Thinking

Collective Impact is effective when partners engage in systems thinking.

This introductory video explains systems thinking and emphasizes evaluation to inform evidenced-based decision-making to address complex health problems~.

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1. Emotional pain subsided

I don’t really feel so bad now. I’m sorta just living with it, letting it roll off my shoulder. I think about it here and there. 1,157 more words


Playing myself

My kid played the role of the Puss in the boots. It is a wonderful fairy tale about having nothing and getting everything. The only condition is to play well your role. 122 more words


Momentarily insanity..... guilty as charge.

The ultimate avoidance of the task at hand will be done by blogging. So here goes…

The true mission: Finish abstract

The ¬†avoidance mission: Avoid Abstract writing to the last-minute… 609 more words

Having Minds and Bodies in a Physical Universe

I have been reading about, studying actually, the relationship between our minds and our bodies. Some aspects of this study involve things like free will, meaning, decision making, learning, and many other topics. 2,182 more words