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You will never truly appreciate a dollar until you recognize the value in a penny…



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Self Realization

Walking and Thinking | Remembering God's Love

I am a person who constantly feels unloved, unwanted, out of place and a nuisance. But, I am a person who knows that I am loved, wanted, that I have a place and I’m not a nuisance. 842 more words


Unsaid, Unbidden

I wanted so badly to put my pride on the floor and say a lot more than the things he should remember to do after my departure. 498 more words



After yesterday’s upset and a hellish day today I wanted to change my perspective. This quote caught my eye and I thought, yeah ok I’m going to embrace this. 133 more words


He said he grew up like Kids Next Door

Became a teenager and forget his childhood forever more

He’s right

I can hear it in his voice when he speaks about life… 129 more words