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Thinking Aloud: A Brief Guide to Keffiyehs

Mar. 3, 2015 by Darius

When I was in Jordan, I couldn’t help but pick up a few keffiyehs, or traditional Arab scarves—everyone was wearing them.  324 more words

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Wise words by James Spahn of Halfling’s Luck and exactly my sentiment!

The player is he describes is almost exactly the same as one guy in my group. 9 more words

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Thinking Aloud: "Sanctions as a Foreign Policy Tool: Helpful or Harmful?"

Mar. 2, 2015 by Darius

Last week, I attended a debate on “Sanctions as a Foreign Policy Tool: Helpful or Harmful?”  Arguing the case for sanctions was David Kramer of the McCain Institute for International Leadership (yes, that McCain); arguing against the use of sanctions was Bill Reinsch of the National Foreign Trade Council.  666 more words

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Misplaced Problem Solving

A new week and another bit of news that has me shaking my head.  Today it comes from the folks at thePlatform which is a widely used… 391 more words

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Thinking Aloud: "What Is the What"

Mar. 1, 2015 by Darius

I recently read What Is the What, the (lightly fictionalized) autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng, one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, written in collaboration with American author Dave Eggers.  312 more words

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Monday Awe

The Power of a Story.

Immersion is the experience of losing oneself in a fictional world. It’s what happens when people are not merely informed or entertained but actually slip into a manufactured reality. -Frank Rose

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3-D print me some dinner, C-3PO

Do you like to cook?  Generally, I don’t.

My hubby enjoys cooking breakfast (and chocolate cake).  Sausage, omelets, pancakes, French toast, eggs, toast, oatmeal, he’s good with all of it. 921 more words

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